3 cars, 6 sets of keys stolen from St-Henri garage

3 cars, 6 sets of keys stolen from St-Henri garage

The owner of George Garage says a break-in early Wednesday morning was the worst thing that's happened in the St-Henri company's 58-year history.

Sometime after midnight, someone smashed a window and climbed into the building, stealing the keys for six vehicles and making off with three of them, says garage owner Rita Pozezanac.

The thieves also took the company's petty cash.

When her son, who works for the family business, arrived on Wednesday morning, he discovered three of the vehicles in the garage's care were gone.

"When I heard about this, I had to sit down for awhile…. I felt dizzy, I said, 'No, no no, that's impossible,'" said Pozezanac.

The garage had an alarm system, but Pozezanac said it didn't go off during the robbery.

Early this morning, staff at the garage called the six clients affected: three people had their cars stolen, and three additional clients had their keys stolen.

"They weren't very happy, that's for sure. They let us know," said Pozezanac.

The garage is working with Montreal police to find the culprits. Pozezanac said both the garage and the owners of the vehicles have insurance, and she believes that will cover any costs incurred in the theft.

One of the three cars has since been recovered by police.