3 dramas on Prime Video you need to watch in January

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A man and woman stand together in a scene from Expats on Amazon Prime Video.
Amazon Prime Video

Looking for a good drama to watch this January while you wait for the return of your favorite shows? There are many exciting dramas on Amazon Prime Video, including TV series and movies, that will satisfy your urge for a good time.

All released in the last few years, these three dramas on Prime Video feature star-studded casts and interesting stories and represent a diverse mix of options to meet various tastes and moods. Whether you want something poignant or thought-provoking, a title here will fit the bill.

Expats (2023)

Expats - Official Trailer | Prime Video

The Northman‘s Nicole Kidman stars in Expats, a drama based on the novel The Expatriates by Janice Y.K. Lee. The story centers around a close-knit group of expatriates living in a Hong Kong community. Since everyone is so close to one another, personal lives are anything but. Stories of deaths, marriages, friendships, and affluence are all shared among the group.

The six-episode limited series is anchored by a single and sudden family tragedy that shakes everyone in the community to their core and inextricably links three American women. Covering themes of privilege, victimhood, and culpability, the series also stars Jack Huston (Boardwalk Empire, Fargo) and Brian Tee (Chicago Med).

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Dog (2022)

DOG | Official Trailer | MGM Studios

How can you go wrong with Channing Tatum (Magic Mike’s Last Dance) and an adorable military dog? Buddy cop movies are a genre in and of themselves, but man and pup taking down enemies is quickly becoming its own sub-category. In Dog, Tatum plays Jackson, an Army Ranger tasked with taking his friend’s military dog, Lulu, to his funeral.

Suffering from PTSD and dealing with the grief of losing his friend, Jackson is in no position to handle the aggressive dog, who will be euthanized as soon as the funeral is over. Unsurprisingly, the brash soldier eventually grows closer to the Belgian Malinois as they travel together, realizing the pup might be just what he needs to find his way back. Dog is a sweet, touching story that any animal lover will appreciate and any movie lover will like to watch.

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She Said (2022)

SHE SAID | Official Trailer

The story of the investigation into Harvey Weinstein and how it changed the face of the Hollywood movie industry and public perception is one of the biggest of this decade. She Said is based on the 2019 book of the same name that was written by Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey, New York Times writers who exposed the once regaled director’s alleged abuse and sexual misconduct.

Casey Mulligan and Zoe Kazan play Twohey and Kantor, respectively, while the movie also stars Patricia Clarkson, Samantha Morton, Andre Braugher in his final role, and Ashley Judd as herself. From the initial accusations from actors like Rose McGowan and Judd to 82 women coming forward, She Said covers the entire investigation of two courageous women hellbent on exposing an awful truth.

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