3 men targeted Shawnessy home for invasion, say police

A Calgary man is in hospital after what police say was a targeted home invasion in the city’s southwest.

Police say three masked men entered a 36-year-old man’s Shawnessy home just before 8 a.m. MT Saturday morning.

There were 15 people in the home at the time of the invasion, a mix of children and adults, say police.

The man is in serious condition, from what appear to be stab wounds.

Police say witnesses told them that the three men took off on foot from the home along Shawmeadows Road.

"We have very limited information, as we believe they were fully masked at the time, so their identities are not known,” said Staff Sgt. Dale Gorrill.

"One thing you learn being on this job long enough, is [crimes] come anytime, anywhere, any place."

Neighbour Jennifer Mee said the incident is unusual for the area.

"It's just calm, quiet, the occasional teenagers having a good time, nothing out of the ordinary."

A search by the canine unit was unable to pick up their trail.

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