3 new Ontario songs you need to hear this week

Every day, musicians write, record and release new music in Ontario. On CBC Radio One's In the Key of C, we try to highlight some of our favourites each week.

You can hear the show live every Saturday evening at 5 p.m. ET on CBC Radio One in Ontario. In the Key of C can be heard across the province, except for in the GTA. Hamilton listeners can hear the segment in the player above.​

Century Palm: King of John St.

Follow me back to the golden days of new wave.

Century Palm just released its debut LP "Meet You" — and it's like a time warp to the early 80s.

Chief songwriter Andrew Payne says the record is about "getting to know another layer of yourself."

"There's almost this pressure as you get older that making art is somehow childish," he said.

"This band and this record was the byproduct of me realizing in my own life that that is not the case."

Del Bel: Crookcrank

Crookcrank is like a soundtrack for creeping down a back alley when it feels like someone might be watching you.

It's from a brand new record called III that Del Bel is dropping next month.

The band calls its sound "pop noir," and that's fitting.

There's an underlying kind of seediness that runs through all their stuff.

Calcedon: Sparrow

Calcedon's Sparrow is incredibly tuneful, happy electro-pop.

Much like the titular bird, it works perfectly to send us into spring.

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