3 PBS shows you should watch in June 2024

The cast of Grantchester.

One of the secrets of PBS’ success is that many of its best shows actually originate from the United Kingdom. In fact, all three of our picks for the three PBS shows that you should watch in June 2024 are British originals. Grantchester and D.I. Ray are both mystery dramas, while the documentary about disco is produced by BBC and making its American debut this month.

These are just a few of the new shows on PBS in June. There’s a lot to watch, especially if you want to go back and revisit the great PBS shows to watch in May as well. Remember, PBS is free. All you have to do is make time for it.


The cast of Grantchester.

Have you ever heard of the American series called Father Dowling Mysteries about a crime-solving priest? Grantchester is basically a more dramatic version of that show, set in Britain during the ’50s and now in its ninth season, in 1961. This is Tom Brittney’s final season in the role of Reverend William Davenport, but he still has some mysteries to solve alongside his old friend, Detective Inspector Geordie Keating (Robson Green).

Since Brittney is on his way out, the new leading man, Vicar Alphy Kotteram (Rishi Nair), will be introduced this season as he acclimates to Grantchester and tries to win a place in the hearts of the locals as their new priest. He’ll probably end up solving some mysteries too.

Watch Grantchester on PBS.

D.I. Ray

Parminder Nagra in D.I. Ray.

Apparently, the United Kingdom’s greatest export to America is detective dramas. Parminder Nagra, who once starred in Bend It Like Beckham and several seasons of ER, has a show of her own called D.I. Ray, which is now back for a second season on PBS. As the new season begins, Detective Inspector Rachita Ray (Nagra) is recovering from a scandal because her fiance had ties to the criminal underworld that made her look comprimised.

Rachita returns from her suspension when the murder of the head of a crime family, Frank Chapman, sets off a gang war with far-reaching consequences for everyone involved. Everyone believes that the Chapmans’ rivals, the Mochanis, are behind the hit on Frank. But once Rachita begins digging into the case, the answers won’t be as clear as she expected.

Watch D.I. Ray on PBS.

Disco: Soundtrack of a Revolution

Promo art for Disco: Soundtrack of a Revolution.

Disco has become a bit of a punchline among music fans since that era came to an end at the of the ’70s. But nostalgia sells, and disco still has its admirers nearly five decades after it supposedly died. Disco: Soundtrack of a Revolution is a three-episode miniseries that shares the story of disco from the people who lived through it.

The miniseries charts the beginning of disco in the early ’70s to the end in 1979 and features interviews with Victor Willis of The Village People, Nona Hendryx from Labelle, Early Young from The Trammps, and more. It was a music sensation that briefly had a global influence before the inevitable backlash began. But if you’ve ever enjoyed disco music, it’s a trip seeing it play out through footage from its contemporary era.

Watch Disco: Soundtrack of a Revolution on PBS on Tuesday, June 18.