3 Peacock crime dramas you should watch in February 2024

A woman looks at a wall of TV screens in The Capture.
Nick Wal / BBC/Heyday Films

Sometimes, all you need is a great crime drama after a tough day. Peacock’s library of content continues to grow, and includes plenty of shows from the NBC library, both new and old, as well as streaming originals. The streaming service introduced exciting new shows like Poker Face and Twisted Metal last year, with more coming in 2024.

If you’re looking for shows that explore the battle between good versus evil, and delve into the crimes committed and the perpetrators captured, consider these three Peacock crime dramas you should watch in February 2024.

Dr. Death (2021-2023)

Edgar Ramirez as Paulo Macchiarini standing over a patient on the operating table, smirking in a scene from season 2 of Dr. Death.

If true crime drama is what the doctor ordered, check out Dr. Death. The great thing about this anthology series is that each season focuses on a different true crime case, so you don’t have to watch from season 1. If you find the story in season 2 more compelling, go for it. Season 1 is a dramatization of the story of Christopher Duntsch, a neurosurgeon who was convicted of maiming a patient. The focus in season 2 switches to Paolo Macchiarini, a surgeon and medical researcher who was purported to have developed a revolutionary method of devising windpipe implants using stem cells. But both his invention and his personal life turned out to be heavily embellished, with deadly consequences.

Dr. Death boasts impressive casts for both seasons, including Joshua Jackson, Grace Gummer, Christian Slater, Alec Baldwin, and AnnaSophia Robb in season 1 and Edgar Ramirez, Mandy Moore, and Luke Kirby in season 2. The stories are so sensationally awful, it’s difficult to reconcile that they’re based on real ones.

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Found (2023-)

Gabi from Found holding her phone, looking scared.

Shanola Hampton will instantly draw you in as Gabrielle “Gabi” Mosely, a woman who has risen above harrowing circumstances. A kidnap victim as a teenager, she now dedicates her life to saving those who have been abducted or are missing. She focuses on marginalized individuals, those the police and public aren’t doing much to locate. Mark-Paul Gosselaar sheds his squeaky-clean role of Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell to star as Hugh “Sir” Evans, the troubled but intelligent professor who kidnapped Gabi all those decades ago. Here’s the catch: Gabi found Sir, trapped him in her basement, and leverages his criminal knowledge and manipulative mind to help her find the victims.

The twist is unbelievable, with the stories in every episode sometimes teetering on ridiculous. But the message in Found is a positive one: Gabi has taken trauma and turned it into a way to help others. She works alongside her team of other victims, from a war veteran and kidnapping victim himself to a child abduction victim with severe agoraphobia and a deductive reasoning genius who garnered her skills from obsessing over finding her abducted son. Each person finds purpose in their work. No missing child or person is ever forgotten when Gabi is around, so much so that you almost forgive the fact that she has become a kidnapper herself.

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The Capture (2019-)

A young man in a military uniform in a scene from The Capture.

This show is extremely topical in today’s day and age of AI and photo manipulation techniques. Former British army Lance Corporal Shaun (Masters of the Air’s Callum Turner) was acquitted of a war crime, but then accused of kidnapping and murdering his own lawyer (barrister, if you will). There’s seemingly irrefutable CCTV evidence that he’s guilty. But there’s one problem: it’s not real. Shaun knows it’s fabricated, but how? And how could he possibly get anyone to believe him?

The intense series touches on topics of deepfakes, conspiracies, and government control. The Capture will spark conversation and keep you gripped and intrigued the entire way through. The second season was even more positively reviewed than the first, making The Capture one of the best shows on Peacock you probably haven’t watched yet.

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