3 people arrested, charged with public intoxication after incidents at UK football game

Three people were arrested and charged with public intoxication after a fight appeared to break out at the University of Kentucky’s football game against Akron at Kroger Field Saturday, university officials confirmed Monday.

Jay Blanton, a spokesperson for UK, said one of the three suspects was also charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest while another was charged with third-degree assault, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

The arrests were confirmed by UK after video posted to social media, which features explicit language, showed a group of people getting into a fight at the stadium. Several people appeared to be involved in the altercation. A second video showed police officers carrying someone through the stadium.

UK said it was aware of the incidents.

Despite the altercations at Saturday’s game, Blanton reiterated that the university is not seeing a substantive difference in incidents this year compared to previous years in which alcohol sales at UK sporting events weren’t permitted. UK just began selling beer at sporting events this year.

“Our policies and procedures remain the same for public intoxication and we have seen no difference so far in these incidents,” UK Police Chief Joe Monroe said in a statement.

UK officials didn’t provide additional details about the arrests over the weekend, but an arrest citation indicates one suspect chugged a beer and yelled at surrounding fans when officers approached him. The man resisted arrest, kicking and headbutting police. He continued to resist as police took him out of the stadium, according to the court record.

Another arrest citation said another suspect got into a physical altercation on the upper concourse of the stadium. The 18-year-old ignored repeated warnings to walk away from the incident and resisted arrest, according to the citation. A third suspect was reported to ushers after he passed out in his seat, according to his arrest citation.