Multiple people escape burning boat on Ottawa River

Multiple people escape burning boat on Ottawa River

Multiple people escaped a burning boat on the Ottawa River Monday afternoon near Rideau Falls, according to witnesses.

A plume of smoke could be seen from shore, coming from a boat in the middle of the river adjacent to 98 Sussex Dr. in Ottawa.

Fire department officials in Gatineau, Que., said seven people managed to jump off the boat and safely climb aboard other boats on the river.

Camille Bergeron was with family members on a pontoon when the fire broke out. She said she and her family helped four adults and three children make it to safety.

Bergeron and her family described seeing smoke and then calling to the people on the burning boat to offer help.

They threw a buoy from the pontoon into the water, urged them to hang on and swim and then pulled them aboard.

The adults and children from the burning boat were taken to the Gatineau side of the river for further assessment. A pregnant woman who had been on the boat was taken to hospital.

Gatineau firefighters said there were no serious injuries.

Ottawa firefighters on water rescue boats managed to put out the boat fire soon after, officials say.

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