3 sci-fi movies on Tubi you need to watch in March

A man stands in front of a woman and points a gun.
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If you haven’t signed up for Tubi, you might want to consider doing it now. It’s a FAST service, which means subscribers can sign up for free. There are several new movies and TV shows on Tubi this March, including the iconic John Hughes teen comedy Sixteen Candles, and Ray, a biopic of Ray Charles starring Jamie Foxx.

Tubi features content in a wide selection of genres, including sci-fi. Below, we highlighted three sci-fi films on Tubi that you can stream right now. Our picks include a terrific sci-fi thriller set on a train, an action film featuring a 1990s legend, and a controversial remake of a landmark movie from the 1960s.

Snowpiercer (2014)

Chris Evans and Ko Asung in Snowpiercer.
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No filmmaker incorporates themes of class inequality and social injustices into his films better than Bong Joon-ho. The influential director intertwined the themes mentioned above with environmentalism in Snowpiercer. In 2031, civilization is forced to live on a train circumnavigating the world after a climate change experiment backfired, leading to a second ice age. The train is separated by economic standing, as the wealthy live handsomely toward the front while the poor experience harsh, cramped conditions in the back.

Curtis Everett (Chris Evans), one of the leaders in the lower-class section, inspires his fellow passengers to revolt and follow him to the front of the train with hopes of reaching the engine room. However, the train’s leaders, notably Minister Mason (Tilda Swinton), will do anything to keep the status quo. If that means eliminating the poor, so be it.

Stream Snowpiercer on Tubi.

Timecop (1994)

Jean-Claude Van Damme in Timecop.
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From 1988 to 1997, Jean-Claude Van Damme was a legitimate A-list action star. Starting with Bloodsport, Van Damme dazzled audiences with his elite physicality and martial arts prowess. Toward the end of his run, Van Damme starred as a time-traveling cop in the dystopian action film Timecop. In 1994, the government established the Time Enforcement Commission (TEC) to remove criminal activity from time travel, with Senator Aaron McComb (Ron Silver) overseeing the organization.

When Police Officer Max Walker (Van Damme) is recruited to join the TEC, his wife is attacked and killed by unknown assailants. A decade later, Max, now working for the TEC, uncovers a government conspiracy involving McComb that dates back to the 1920s. Roger Ebert famously called Timecop a” low-rent Terminator.” Timecop is more entertaining than that, Mr. Ebert. It’s a B-level Terminator that rocks. 

Stream Timecop on Tubi.

Planet of the Apes (2001)

A man and a female ape looking intently in the same direction in the 2001 film Planet of the Apes.
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In 2029, astronaut Leo Davidson (Mark Wahlberg) travels through a wormhole and crashes on a planet called Ashlar. This is no ordinary planet, as apes are the dominant species and they enslave humans. While in captivity, Leo finds an ally in Ari (Helena Bonham Carter), a compassionate ape who protests against human cruelty. With the help of other human slaves, Leo escapes and sets off to find his downed spacecraft, but he’ll have to do it while being hunted by the villainous General Thade (Tim Roth) and the Gorilla Army.

Planet of the Apes is not a perfect movie, and that’s OK. Script issues aside, Tim Burton’s remake was never going to be as groundbreaking or influential as the 1968 film. However, the visuals are really good, and the makeup is legitimately fantastic. Even with one of the worst endings ever, there’s enough story and action to keep your attention.

Stream Planet of the Apes on Tubi.