3 things this ’90s SVU prosecutor dad didn’t let his child do

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Have you ever thought that your parenting style could be affected by your job? Well, according to an SVU dad, there are a few thing he wouldn’t let his child do because of the things he’s seen on the job.

Lex Ginger, the creator of the video, recounts the things her father would never let her do in her childhood as a result of his being an SVU prosecutor in the ’90s. The viral video has the internet fairly divided over whether his rules make sense or if they went a little too far.

Lex says, “I can already feel that you guys aren’t gonna like this,” but she says she “simply lived it” and therefore everyone can take it up with George—presumably her father.

The SVU dad’s first rule is about public restrooms. “No going into public restrooms by myself,” Lex says.

She also adds that if there were days when they were out by themselves as a sort of daddy-daughter day and she needed to use the bathroom, then she would have to use the men’s bathroom! “He would walk me into the men’s room with like my eyes closed and then he would put me in a stall, stand in front of the stall, wait till I was done, take me out.”

His second rule is about sleepovers. “I could go to sleepovers but I couldn’t sleep over.” Lex says her parents would pick her up at bedtime and take her back home. This lasted until high school, she says, which is when she was allowed to go if her parents knew the other parents and they weren’t co-ed.

Sleepovers have been getting their own controversial moment lately. A lot of millennial parents are sounding the alarm about all of the unfortunate things they experienced or heard about that has influenced their decision to not allow sleepovers.

The SVU dad’s third rule banned sleep away summer camp until Lex was in high school. “My first sleep away summer camp was literally between freshman and sophomore year.” She even emphasized that she knew this last rule would “offend” a lot of people who look at sleep away camps as a childhood right of passage.

Would you allow your child do any of these things?

Her video went viral but some viewers are divided over this SVU dad’s rules.

“All of these make sense I have no issues to take up with George”

“Um new parent here. What’s the deal with sleepovers now?!?”

“As an advocate and liaison who currently works in Crimes Against children and has worked the other special victims units-yes. All the way. NO SLEEPOVERS”