3 underrated movies on Hulu you need to watch in July 2024

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What’s on tap for Hulu’s movie selection in July? With Alien: Romulus over a month away, Hulu added AliensAlien: Covenant, and Alien vs. Predator: Requiem to stand alongside Alien within its library. Comedy classics like Step Brothers and The Cable Guy are also now available to stream this month.

What else is on Hulu? Not every movie is visible on the homepage. Sometimes the more underrated films are hidden within a certain genre’s page. Luckily, we picked out three of these movies to watch in July. Our picks include a charming romantic comedy, an exhilarating war drama, and a thriller with two A-list icons.

Plus One (2019)

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Before he took on Homelander in The Boys and before she became a secret agent in Mr. & MrsSmithJack Quaid and Maya Erskine starred in Plus One, the delightful 2019 rom-com from Jeff Chan and Andrew Rhymer. Ben King (Quaid) and Alice Mori (Erskine) are longtime college friends who dread hearing these two words: wedding season. Ben can’t find a girlfriend to accompany him to weddings. Alice struggles to move past her ex-boyfriend, who dumped her.

Faced with attending multiple weddings alone, Ben and Alice agree to be each other’s wedding dates. In addition, Alice will help Ben meet women at these weddings. At first, the agreement works. Then, feelings get in the way as these two friends contemplate a romantic relationship. This “will they, won’t they” formula works perfectly in Plus One. I’ve never met anyone who said they didn’t enjoy this movie, so Plus One has that going for it.

Watch Plus One on Hulu.

Behind Enemy Lines (2001)

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Owen Wilson, action star? While the comedian has made us laugh for over two decades, Wilson has found time to dabble in other genres. In 2001, Wilson notably starred in Behind Enemy Lines, a war drama inspired by the 1995 Mrkonjić Grad incident during the Bosnian War. While on a reconnaissance mission over Bosnia, Lt. Chris Burnett (Wilson) and Lt. Jeremy Stackhouse (Gabriel Macht) find an illegal mass grave of Bosniank civilians.

While trying to capture photos, the duo’s plane is shot down by General Miroslav Lokar (Olek Krupa), the leader behind the genocide. Despite surviving the crash, Stackhouse is killed by Lokar’s troops. This leaves Burnett alone behind enemy lines. At sea, Rear Admiral Leslie Reigart (Gene Hackman) plans a search-and-rescue mission to save Burnett, who must evade capture long enough to reach the rendezvous. Is this the best war movie ever made? It is not. However, Wilson is believable as a soldier fighting for his life, and Hackman’s involvement elevates Behind Enemy Lines to the level of an effective thriller.

Watch Behind Enemy Lines on Hulu.

Money Monster (2016)

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Because of their innate chemistry, George Clooney and Julia Roberts typically star as a couple in their collaborations, like in the Ocean’s film trilogy or Ticket to Paradise. However, the two megastars joined forces to play a non-couple in the Jodie Foster-directed Money Monster. Clooney plays Lee Gates, the animated financial television host of Money Monster. Think Jim Kramer, but more exuberant and ridiculous. Patty (Roberts) is Gates’s longtime director and producer.

After a prominent stock collapses, Kyle Budwell (Jack O’Connell), an investor who lost it all, shows up at the studio and takes Gates hostage on live television. Gates recently endorsed the stock, so Budwell blames the TV host for the faulty advice. With a bomb strapped to his chest, Gates searches for answers as to why the stock collapsed. What he finds is an illegal conspiracy that affects the world’s economy at the highest level.

Watch Money Monster on Hulu.