3 underrated shows on Hulu you need to watch in February

Are you having trouble keeping up with everything new on Hulu? There are a lot of new movies and shows to watch in February, and no single person could watch them all even if you had a full 31 days to get through them. That’s why it’s always important to throw a spotlight on the shows that might otherwise get lost in the shuffle. Almost every show is someone’s favorite, and you may find that one these shows could become your new favorite as well.

Our picks for the three underrated shows on Hulu that you need to watch in February include a drama about two civil rights icons, a supernatural sitcom, and a recently released mystery series. And they’re all available to watch on Hulu whenever you have the time to watch them.

Genius: MLK/X (2024)

The cast of Genius: MLK/X.
National Geographic

National Geographic’s anthology series Genius is back for its fourth season. But rather than focus on one person, the current season, Genius: MLK/X, is telling the parallel stories of two civil rights icons: Martin Luther King Jr. (Kelvin Harrison Jr.) and Malcolm X (Foe‘s Aaron Pierre).

King and Malcolm X came from very different backgrounds, and the show dramatizes their origins as the events around them shape their perspectives. The title characters don’t often intersect with each other, but their intertwined stories still carry great power decades after their assassinations shook the nation.

Watch Genius: MLK/X on Hulu.

Not Dead Yet (2023)

Gina Rodriguez in Not Dead Yet.
20th Television

Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez is back on television in Not Dead Yet, a comedy that seems to be inspired by CBS’ Ghosts. Rodriguez portrays Nell Serrano, a woman who put her journalism career on hold to follow her heart by moving to England with her lover. When Nell comes back home to America half a decade later, the only job waiting for her is a gig writing obituaries at the SoCal Independent.

Much to Nell’s surprise, her new job inexplicably gives her the ability to see and hear the ghosts of the dead people that she’s been tasked to write about. These ghosts want Nell to tell the stories of their lives, and they’re willing to offer some advice for her own life before they disappear into the great beyond. And when they’re gone, there’s never any shortage of new ghosts for Nell to speak to.

Watch Not Dead Yet on Hulu.

Death and Other Details (2024)

Mandy Patinkin pointing a finger at a young woman in a scene from Death and Other Details on Hulu.

There’s been a murder at sea on the restored luxury ocean liner SS Varuna in Hulu’s original series Death and Other Details. The good news is that the killer can’t easily get away. That also means the killer can strike again while remaining undetected. This proves to be particularly difficult for Imogene Scott (Violett Beane), because she quickly manages to become the prime suspect in the case.

In order to prove her innocence, Imogene will have to find the killer before the ship docks. To do so, Imogene teams up with former detective Rufus Cotesworth (Mandy Patinkin), a man wshe hates because he couldn’t solve the murder of her mother years before.

Watch Death and Other Details on Hulu.