3 Windsor city councillors attended their last meeting. Here's what they had to say

From left, Rino Bortolin, Jeewen Gill and Chris Holt attended their last city council meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 9.  (Jason Viau/CBC - image credit)
From left, Rino Bortolin, Jeewen Gill and Chris Holt attended their last city council meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 9. (Jason Viau/CBC - image credit)

It was a night to say goodbye for three Windsor city councillors Wednesday, who reflected on their time serving constituents.

Rino Bortolin, Jeewen Gill, and Chris Holt left chambers for the last time as elected members last night. The inauguration ceremony for the next Windsor city council will take place Tuesday.

Ahead of their last council meeting, Bortolin, Jeewen and Gill shared some final thoughts with CBC Windsor.

Bortolin decided not to seek re-election in Ward 3, but says he will be watching the new dynamic of the next council.

"It's really about bringing the residents' voice to the table, and so if it takes a different shape in this next four years, if issues come forward in a different way, where maybe it's not as adversarial, then that's a great win," he said.

"We always have to be prepared for people doing it different, and I think you're going to see different approaches from all the new councillors."

There isn't one thing he's most proud of, says Bortolin, but rather his approach on different issues.

"It was the putting people at the centre of all the decisions," he said.

Bortolin didn't hint at what's next for him, but did say he'll continue to be an advocate for the downtown.

"I'm not going away, so to speak," he said.

Renaldo Agostino is councillor-elect in Windsor's Ward 3, after winning the seat with 75 votes.

Gill lost his Ward 7 seat to Angelo Marignani in last month's election.

He says he was proud to bring a new perspective to council in the two years since he won a by-election.

"To be seen outside that box too, like this is a minority person [who] comes in and diverse person, his way of thinking is different," he said.

Gill says his accomplishments include improvements to Banwell Road and Sandpoint Beach, and new tennis and pickleball courts.

He says he's not ruling out a political run in the future, but for now, he'll focus on being a realtor

"It is a very exciting moment, even it is my last meeting, but I feel proud what I did in last two years," he said.

Marignani takes Gill's seat. He has run six times in Windsor's Ward 7 — in every general and byelection since 2010.

Chris Holt gave up his Ward 4 seat and ran for mayor, losing to Drew Dilkens last month.

CBC caught up with him at his Ford City brewery. Holt says he won't be a stranger to council.

"They'll see me at the delegation, fighting for good proper transportation, land use and investment within the Ford City neighbourhood," he said.

Holt says a legacy he wants to leave behind is his focus on what he calls "building community."

"I've really put the focus on our core neighbourhoods," he said. "I think that's something that wouldn't have happened unless I was elected to council in 2014. I have zero regrets when it comes to anything I've done around the council table."

Dilkens had 52.51 per cent of the vote (26,018 votes) compared to Holt's 38.7 per cent (19,177 votes).

Holt's Ward 4 seat will be filled by Mark McKenzie.