New 30 km/h speed limit approved by council

Princeton Avenue becomes first street to lower speed limit to 30 km/h

For the first time in Ottawa, some streets could see 30 km/h speed limits after council approved the new policy on Wednesday morning.

Not all streets would qualify for the new, lower speed limit. Only quiet, narrower local roads with little transit service, or streets where traffic is already travelling at speeds lower than 35 km/h, could see limits lowered to 30 km/h.

Council did approve a motion by Coun. Keith Egli, chair of the transportation committee, to extend the 30 km/h policy to wider roads that are "at the main pedestrian entrance to a school," and on busier streets where schools are located. 

Previously, city rules did not allow for a posted speed limit lower than 40 km/h unless 85 per cent of traffic on the road travels 40 km/h or slower.