300 armored vehicles in Belgium’s new aid package for Ukraine

Belgium announces military assistance to Ukraine
Belgium announces military assistance to Ukraine

Belgium will provide Ukraine with a military aid package worth EUR 412 million ($448 million), including 300 Lynx LMVs (Light Multirole Vehicles) and three minehunter ships, Shephard Media reported on March 18.

The typical functions of these vehicles include reconnaissance, patrolling, communications, escort duty, and maintenance support.

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The package is part of the BELEUX cooperation between Belgium and the Netherlands aimed at enhancing Ukraine’s military capabilities.

As part of this program, Belgium will provide basic training, while the Netherlands will offer on-the-job training for Ukrainian naval mine-hunting crews, according to the report.

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Additionally, Belgium has pledged to grant Ukraine EUR 611 million ($665 million) in military aid throughout 2024, with about half of it allocated for artillery ammunition procurement.

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