33 Awful, Awful, Awful People Who Should Literally Never Be Allowed To Date Anyone Again

I'll be real with y'all: dating is pretty bleak right now. Like, this is how it feels to date.

Mindy Kaling as character Kelly Kapoor looks away from the camera with an expression of defeat

In case you don't believe me, here are 33 photos that prove the bar is six feet under right now.

NOTE: There are mentions of sexual assault and harsh language in some of the below screenshots.

1.Putting yourself out there can be tough — but don't worry, most people are so nice and respectful!

"happy monday, how's the new week treating you" reply: "i don't know why this thing lets guys I delete to message me. how could you even think i'd want to talk to you?"
u/21kamando / Via

2.Don't worry, y'all. Romance isn't dead! People will still text you at 10 p.m. for your address.

Screenshot of a text conversation where one person persistently asks for the other's address asking to meet them for a drink after 10pm
u/Spacey_Jay / Via

3.Even when you've lost all hope of a response, your knight in shining armor might just show up when you least expect it!

one person is ghosted and then the other asks months later for them to come over
u/Chanclaphobia / Via

4.People on dating apps are so open-minded and would never make a ridiculous request!

Text exchange in a dating app where person asks if other would consider putting their children up for adoption so they can date
u/Kayartistar / Via

5.And random romantic acts are soooo appreciated.

single rose captioned "this was on my car when I came back from my workout...if you're gonna leave me roses, feel free to leave a dozen. Not a single. I don't know what to make of this but I'm about to dump it at the nearest gas station"
u/lemonjuice707 / Via

6.When he sends you sweet messages after a single date!!! <3

Text message conversation discussing aggressive sexual nature that he can't control
/Noodles_YSU / Via

7.People you're talking to are totally understanding of you not answering the phone late at night!

person says they called because they're in a dark unfamiliar neighborhood, then says they were murdered and kidnapped and blame the other person for not answering
u/100problemss / Via

8.No one would EVER send an unsolicited dick pic/vid.

person is rejected and starts using derogatory language and sending genital videos
u/spoookyghoul / Via

9.One of the best parts of dating? The gentlemen you go on ONE date with, reject, then deal with messages from for years to come.

"i know you've made it clear before you don't want to talk to me, but I feel like talking to you right now. how have you been?"
u/zezozose_zadfrack / Via

10.You know what's also fun? Breaking up with someone and getting sweet post-breakup texts like this!

ex-boyfriend texts "i just want a traditional wife, is that too much to ask for?"
u/Conscious_Day2425 / Via

11.Someone who only dated you for a short time certainly wouldn't spam you with a million anonymous calls after breaking up!

a bunch of unknown calls from "no called ID" from a person OP dated for two months
u/slumcity2000 / Via

12.It's so nice that you can suggest a new spot for your planned date and come up with a compromise rather than just blindly going to the place they decided!

person suggests a different date spot and original date suggester cancels and says they're looking for someone more submissive
u/Lilkidyunginjr / Via

13.People really are putting the "ethical" in "ethical non-monogamy" these days!*

one person asks the other what polyamory looks like for them, and the person replies they want multiple partners who don't know about each other

14.People you're on a date with are just so understanding of you running into a guy friend and having a quick convo with them.

Text message exchange showing a heated conversation with insults and a person being blocked
u/som11322 / Via

15.I love those next-morning check-ins after dates!

date says they actually went back to the restaurant after the other person left and went home with two girls
u/Snoo-84119 / Via

16.People have great openers on dating apps.

"you look like a rapist i love that" with reply saying they didn't enjoy the comment
u/JacobIGues / Via

17.People totally understand if you're too busy to reply right away.

one person says good afternoon then gets angry at the lack of a quick reply
u/Shejidan / Via

18.Hinge is still a great way to meet totally normal people!

person says they want to "bag a japanese girl" and asks what part of the other's body is sexiest
u/swellaprogress / Via

19.Not to worry — if Hinge or Bumble or Tinder isn't for you, you can always try out Facebook dating!

"i like your dogs" reply: "i wish you were hot, only weird looking girls message first, if a guy wants you he will say hi first, all guys just powerswipe boo"
u/Someone_Who_Cared / Via

20.The "talking stage" can be so underrated and fun!

person gets angry and mean when asked if they've made friends through dating apps
u/tylerdurden47 / Via

21.No one EVER resorts to super explicit, unwelcome tests in the talking stage.

unwelcome sexual messages followed by rejection
u/lazyysusann28 / Via

22.It's great when people get out their red flags super early.

list of red flags including "not a good driver" and "retail worker"
u/Happy-Lasagna-2593 / Via

23.Asking someone on a date always pays off!

snapchat messages asking "would you still want to go on a date" and the person replying "who are you again?"
u/OrangeJuicestice / Via

24.Even if you don't actually talk to someone on a dating app, you could still end up with some really "cool guys" texting your personal number out of the blue!

creepy messages from someone who claims to have found the other on a dating app, but won't say where they got the other's number
u/Lofouu / Via

25.People have super realistic expectations for partners and their salaries.

"a life goal of mine: traveling. if you can't afford dubai don't match with me please and make more than 500k/yearly"
u/__klonk__ / Via

26.Guys always handle rejection well.

angry and hurt messages saying they're a "good guy" and hurt after rejection, insisting that they bonded
u/coxxinaboxx / Via

27.They would never refuse to be rejected at all.

person rejects other and the other asks what their plans are for the holidays
u/lindacheeseknife / Via

28.Get you a man who dates you for a week, then comes onto his ex, causing you to break it off, then sends you voice notes serenading you and begging you to take him back. <3

emotional apologies and singing begging someone to take them back
u/MealCompetitive1407 / Via

29.People are happy to meet anywhere nowadays, and dates can be kept low-key!

person gets annoyed at other suggesting a "low-key" date at a cafe
u/sailorjameson / Via

30.People are super understanding when you're a few minutes late to a date!

messages revealing one person was 10 minutes late and the other left, then said they were going on a different date
u/DENNIS-me-pls / Via

31.And no one ever "falls asleep" and stands you up!

messages showing one person waiting at date spot and other oversleeping and missing it
u/ladytypeperson / Via

32.People are super straightforward if they're not feeling it, and they would never send a meme instead of having an adult convo!

person saying they're talking to someone else and then sending memes when the other person gets upset
u/an-accoridan / Via

33.And finally, I just love when people are honest.

two people agreeing they had fun at lunch then one says they're getting ready for another date that's actually a "DATE date"
u/BaronVonBroccoli / Via