38 Super Cringeworthy Things We Unfortunately Have Started To Accept As Normal

Recently, Reddit user No-Hamster7526 asked, "What's something other people do that you find really cringy?" and people had a LOT to get off their chests.

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Here are 38 things people see others do that they just think are supperrrrr cringeworthy.

1."Those TikTok videos where someone just stands there without speaking, pointing at bits of text as they appear one by one on the screen, pulling a different pose/expression for each text.🙂👉🔠😉👉🔠😏👉🔠🤭👉🔠."


2."Obnoxious/pretentious people, especially in public. I’m a freshman law student, and whenever my class goes out to hang out, there’s this one mate who heavily uses legal jargon, references, and terms around other people just to let them know that we’re law students. It’s so annoying. Like chile, we’re still on our first semester LMAO."


3."Gender reveals. ... I have nothing against parents, or people being excited for having children. It’s the miracle of life. Yes, celebrate with your friends and family, that’s brilliant. I just find it a bit weird to put it on social media and onto the timelines of people who don’t know you. In the summer, I couldn’t go on Insta without seeing them."


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4."Filming yourself crying for social media."


5."People who consistently keep up with the fashion trends. What ever happened to personal style?"


6."When weed is their personality."


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7.And... "Making politics their personality."


"If you're actually doing SOMETHING to create the kind of society you want, I can understand it. Whether you're working in law and politics or are an active volunteer with a political organization, if you're engaged, then I can understand it because it's a big part of your life.

But for 90% of people who have made politics into their personality, they just shit post on Reddit and Twitter, and that's the extent of their 'engagement.'"


8."People who video call in public and talk loudly, especially in trains or buses. I recently dealt with a customer who was on video call and had to show me a coupon in her phone, and her whole family saw my face, and I cringed and was so uncomfortable that I told her to put it away or I’m not authorizing the coupon."


9.Relatedly... "Talk too loud, especially when they are on the phone and it is on speaker."


"I am sitting a few feet away from my coworker, and she is on the phone with her wife for hours at a time on speaker phone. Sometimes they’re arguing about shit, and I feel like a scuz for eavesdropping. Except I’m not a scuz! You’re broadcasting it to my hearing space, Robin! I feel bad for the other person because I myself would not appreciate my wife having me on speaker phone while we talk about issues, or you know, anything!"


"My mom actually had to ask a guy to leave her restaurant the other day because while he was waiting to pickup a DoorDash order, he was pacing around on speaker phone, and customers would literally come in, see him doing that, and say, 'Yeah, I’m not dealing with this' and leave. It made her so mad as a small business owner to lose customers because of that guy."


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10."People who flaunt helping others online. Like the ones who clearly do it for clout. My friend’s gf does this; she constantly looks at the camera, smiles and poses, waves, asks the person who is houseless (who looks so uncomfortable) to wave to the camera, too. NO."


11."I find it cringy when people boast about how happy they are with their spouse. Why are you telling us this? (It automatically makes me say to myself that they must be having problems.) Or people who would come on and say life is great and everything is working out for them. I am so superstitious, I feel like a piano would fall on my head if I went around boasting how happy I am."

"People filming themselves at the gym is another one. Uggh, just stop it already."


12."When they think everything that’s traditionally feminine is useless or stupid. I hate misogyny. Women shouldn’t have to compete with men to be taken seriously."


"Incels when they finally get a date with a woman and start that 'all women want is x, y, z' or 'you probably expect x, y, z,' like are you here to get to know me, or are you here to file a complaint?"


"Fuck you haters."
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13."Posting an hour worth of concert footage on Snapchat stories."


14."People filming for social media, and acting like everyone around them just walking by is being rude and getting in their way. Where I live (a pretty beach town), I see this shit every week, at least. I’ve literally heard people say, 'uh, can you leave?' to random strangers. 😡"


15.Relatedly, "TikTok dances," especially in a public space.


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16."IPad kids and their parents. If you can’t get your toddler to stop screaming unless you hand them a screen, something is WRONG. I have been seeing more and more out in public, and the ones without headphones ESPECIALLY piss me off. Be a better parent."


17."Calling the man you're dating 'Daddy.'"


18."Guys that HAVE TO BE the 'alpha male' in a group. Talking over people. Trying to be the toughest person around. Talking shit for no reason. It’s so gross it literally gives me goosebumps. I’m like, bro, just be you. If you’re a badass, you don’t have to prove it."


"I'm a man."
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19."Religious people who 'this is the only right path,' 'there is no other God but our god' etc.


20."People who don't pick up after their dogs on walks. My neighbor makes this massive production of flicking a few leaves or pieces of grass over her dog's turds and leaving them on peoples lawns while making out she is a paragon of community responsibility. It's your dog, and poo bags are cheap if not fashionable."


21."Something about people talking about how tough and scary they can get irks me so badly. Someone the other day described themselves to me as a Doberman because they were 'cute but people know not to fuck with them because they’ll bite their face off,' and my innards curdled from the secondhand embarrassment."


"You wouldn't like me when I'm angry."

22."Post personal (often medical) details about their children on social media."


23."The toxic boy mom trend I’ve been seeing on my TikTok fyp."


24."Post inspirational quotes online that they don’t live by."


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25."Post pictures of birthday presents piled up like it’s Xmas to show off on social media. Same with Xmas gifts — aka 'Just in case you didn’t see how much better I am doing than you' posts.”


26.“'Tough' bumper stickers like 'I don’t retreat. I RELOAD.' Like sir, we’re in the Taco Bell drive-thru, who are you shooting at?"


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27."Documenting every. single. moment. of their lives on social media."


"Like, literally film everything, take photos of everything, posting their every move on social media. No one lives in the moment anymore. Can't you eat your dinner without posting it? Can't you hang out with a friend without filming it every time? Cant you not join in on a trend? Put down your camera and enjoy things in the moment."


28."Recording while on public transportation. During peak hours. Idiots."


29."Anything that has to do with eating in front of a camera."


30."People that make 'I hate kids, all people are horrible and suck; I only get along with animals, dogs are better than people' their whole personality and never shut up about it. I get it. I like dogs, and kids can annoy me, too, but some people just go too far with those jokes to a point where it just gets grotesque and dark. ... If someone truly only ever gets along with an animal that was bred throughout centuries to be obedient and love humans unconditionally, then I think there might be a chance they are the people that suck."


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31."Being annoyed by other people’s joy."


32.And relatedly... "People who get mad at others for being happy in the morning. I see too many people saying, 'It’s too early for all this happy energy,' and I’m not even a morning person myself, but who gets mad at someone for being positive????? I don’t understand, and it annoys me so much."


33."Explaining something in a condescending tone — and incorrectly."


"Um, actually..."

34."Boasting about how much sexual encounters you have…especially online."


35."My MIL is consistently rude/short with service/hospitality/retail employees, and I feel an intense need to be overly nice and friendly or distance myself from her to compensate."


36."Explicitly telling the price of stuff they own."


"You know how much those windows cost?"

37."Getting into too much detail about a fandom that I don’t care about, nor know anything about."


38.And finally... "People who chew with their mouth open/moan while eating. Never knew people moaned while eating until I got my current job almost two years ago."


"My mom has to say 'mmmmmmmm' for the first bite of anything she eats, ever. Drives me wild. Like dude, you're eating a granola bar. She also has to scream 'Achooie' every time she sneezes and announces every time she has to use the bathroom."


What do you find super cringeworthy that's been normalized? Let us know in the comments!

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