3rd Assault Brigade captures large group of occupiers attempting to storm Ukrainian positions

The captive told about the orders of the command
The captive told about the orders of the command

Soldiers of the Third Assault Brigade captured a large batch of Russians who were sent to storm Ukrainian positions, stated press service of the 3rd Separate Assault Brigade on Telegram on May 28.

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One of the captured, a 59-year-old former master of sports from Russia, said that Russian command sent the occupiers to storm the positions of Ukrainian brigade in groups of 10 men saying “guys, you are already dead”.

According to Russian, he spent a day and a half in a trench with corpses, looking for water. During this time, no one took the bodies or helped wounded.

“We went in, I looked at what was happening there: half of us were gone, all wounded...," captured soldier said.

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"We were thrown to the slaughter... There was no one alive at all."

3rd Assault Brigade on May 11 reported that it had captured a deputy platoon commander of 752nd Regiment of Russian Army near Rayhorodka, Luhansk Oblast, who identified himself as Senior Sergeant Ivan Semenov.

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