4-year-old cancer survivor virtually meets the car club that is helping her

The North Face Rally is a car club in the Toronto area that is well known for their beautiful supercars, but they are even more well known for their big hearts. They have been applauded for years for being active in their community, supporting the agencies and charities that make life happier for children and families. They have also directly supported families that are deserving of a little help. They have been called "The Fast and The Generous", after gaining a reputation for getting behind wonderful causes. In past years, the NFR have orchestrated one of the biggest shopping sprees and Christmas toy drives in Canada. They have donated to Sick Kids Hospital, a world renowned treatment center for children, as well as the Toronto Police toy drives, Toronto area shelters and community support agencies, and even some of the agencies in the Peterborough area. In past years they have teamed up with Brinks and delivered their donations in armoured cars for the most secure Christmas toy delivery in history. This year, the challenges of Covid meant that they could not personally shop and deliver toys, but they did not let that stop them from working their Christmas magic anyway. Once again, they raised an impressive total and provided the agencies they support with the means to do their own shopping safely. And in a very touching show of support, the North Face Rally has now reached across the world to help a four year old cancer survivor who has bravely fought since she was 18 months old. Johanita is now 4 and she has been through 6 surgeries for a brain tumor, 23 weeks of chemotherapy and a month of radiation treatments. She and her family are from the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador but they have moved to the city of Quito, to be near the hospital where Johanita has been treated for much of her life. Having survived the cancer, she was doing very well until she developed an infection in the shunt in her brain. Johanita needs urgent surgery to correct this, but her family has struggled with the crippling medical debt from previous treatments. Despite her father, Christian working long hours at two jobs and her mother, Johana caring for the family while he spends long weeks away, they simply didn't have enough money to pay the deposit for Johanita's surgery. The members of the North Face Rally heard Johanita's story and they had great respect for how hard Christian has worked to bring money home to his family. All of the members of this car club have become successful through their own hard work and determination and they could identify with such a hard working father. This year, the NFR wanted to reach out and help this family across the world. They have donated $2,000 ($1,600 U.S.) to help Christian and Johana save their daughter. Excited to be part of this Christmas miracle, they met around a laptop computer to make a video call and present Johanita with a cheque and their best wishes. Speaking directly to the family in Ecuador, they were able to virtually meet the little girl whose life they are helping to save. Christian spoke from the heart as he thanked the car club and explained their family's fight with cancer so far. He is very moved by the fact that such support would come from strangers in Canada whom they have never met. The timing of this gift is perfect as Johanita was able to have the surgery performed the following day. Compared with what she has been through already, this procedure will be much easier for Johanita and her prognosis is excellent. Thanks to NFR and other donors, she is on her way to a healthier and happier life. Johanita's parents will incur more debt from this surgery, despite having some insurance coverage. Anyone wishing to support a very deserving and very grateful family can visit this link: gf.me/u/y99u4d Questions are also welcomed through David McNab at ptbocyclist@hotmail.com