Americans May Be The Dumbest People On The Internet, And These 44 Posts From The Last Month Prove It

Americans May Be The Dumbest People On The Internet, And These 44 Posts From The Last Month Prove It

1.This person said cars were invented in America.

"say what you want. america is the reason you have cars." reply: "that's germany"
u/Midnight-Opposite / Via

2.This person asked if European countries accepted US currency, and also forgot about pounds.

social media post asking if US money can be used in Ireland, Scotland, England or if Euros are needed
u/tr_tinkerbell / Via

3.This person insisted Americans have no accent.

person claims american accent is unmodified/the absence of an accent while others try to convince them they're wrong
u/No_Initiative_2829 / Via

4.This person claimed that without America, the entire world would speak German.

"America is the greatest country God ever created. If it were not for America you would all be speaking German. Your welcome"
u/Mini_the_Wulf / Via

5.This person made a reallllll cringe-worthy post about America and sports.

"the rest of the world, keep your voices low and your eyes lowered. i promise you, you do not want americans to care about your sports. if we do, say goodbye to every single championship your minds can conjure"
u/timotheySKI / Via

6.This person watched Post Malone perform at the Super Bowl and claimed that he was playing "in front of literally the entire planet."

person says it's amazing guitar strings don't break more during big events like the Super Bowl, then suggests the whole planet watches the Super Bowl
u/colonyy / Via

7.This person said most of the world relies on America's protection.

"most of the world doesn't know what the super bowl is" reply: "most of the world isn't free and relies on americans to protect them"
u/Secret-Candle3007 / Via

8.This person couldn't do basic math.

A cylindrical sundial casts a shadow on its numbered base, indicating the time in military time - someone comments saying it'd be cool if it worked in 12-hour time as they're american and can't read military time
u/Historical_Ant6997 / Via

9.These comments actually made me lose brain cells.

liberian flag with someone saying it should have 52 stars, then another replying it's the liberian flag and that the us flag has 50 stars, and another person saying liberals don't have a flag
u/Sumask / Via

10.This person thought British spellings of words were typos.

complaint about misspellings in a book but they're all just the british spelling of words
u/SnooChipmunk5 / Via

11.As did this person.

person says "it's spelled color" and that american spelling should rule because america is better in every way
u/gingerdeadmans / Via

12.This person claimed Americans "perfected" the English language.

person says americans perfected the english language while another person says it's the brits who changed the language
u/Adventurous_Tax_2165 / Via

13.This person claimed rugby was too "easy" for Americans and quickly got schooled.

american claims rugby was too easy for them, and another person replies saying the us has never won the rugby world cup
u/Unc3rtainty_ / Via

14.This person could not be more incorrect.

"there's no way world cup is more viewed than the superbowl"
u/Arta_Dratista / Via

15.Same with this person.

"europeans will never get to experience having grown men yell at the screen like they're coaching the team watching football"
Posted byu/J-TownVsTheCity / Via

16.This person made so many erroneous, stupid claims, I'm surprised they didn't delete their account after.

person argues about american english, money, and inventions being more widespread, and is quickly corrected
u/BrienneOfFuckinTarth / Via

17.This person said "we use MPH in this country" on Reddit, which is not a country, about an Australian magazine.

person says "we use MPH in this country" and another replies they're talking about an australian magazine. another argues that the internet is american
u/Midnight-Opposite / Via

18.This person thought Spanish people wouldn't be white.

"he looks very white for a spanish guy" reply: "ever been to spain? 90% of spaniards have fair skin"
u/ivory_ghostt / Via

19.This person decided Americans were "also Europeans."

"*Europeans forgetting Americans are also Europeans*"
u/fibiotics / Via

20.This person just could not be more incorrect about geography and seasons.

person claims america is "in the middle of the earth, so like the middle hemisphere, so everyone else copies" in terms of seasons
u/J_empty / Via

21.This person thought German people, and the countries of Europe in general, should thank Americans.

american who lived in germany says no one there bought him a beer and america has been taken for granted, then says "there is not a european alive today who can say, i remember the time when the countries of europe defended themselves"
u/holdmypilsner / Via

22.This person claimed only America drinks cold beer.

Social media screenshot of a comment saying "But Germans drink warm beer! But everywhere but America drinks beer warm."
u/Lovecr4ft / Via

23.This person called the metric system, which basically every other country in the world uses, "useless" — then another person chimed in with an incorrect conversion of 300kph.

person says they don't get why the uk/europe uses km because it's useless
u/gusarking / Via

24.This writer got really confused about what a Euro is, and then a Tumblr user thought Euros were used in the UK.

person writes that someone rolled up a euro, then another person says it takes place in the uk
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25.This person claimed a billion people watch the Super Bowl each year (the number this year was actually 123.4 million), and that tons of people watch it worldwide.

person claims super bowl viewers average 1 billion and many of those people aren't even american
u/nessie404 / Via

26.This person decided to claim they were Italian American after it was proven they were not Italian.

person says they're proud to be 1/4 italian even though they have no italian heritage
[deleted] / Via

27.This person said comparing European countries was akin to comparing US states.

person says european parenting isn't a thing because countries raise kids different ways, and another replies country differences are similar to differences between us states
u/runrunrudolf / Via

28.This American claimed English is "ours now."

person mocks british pronunciation of words, and british person says "it's our language." First person says "nah it's ours now, our culture is everywhere"
u/Ursasari / Via

29.This person said US teams are worth more than other sports teams. For reference, looking at the football vs. soccer teams with the highest values, Real Madrid is worth 5.1 billion USD, while the Dallas Cowboys are worth 4 million USD.

"american here, we don't give AF about y'all comparing viewers, our teams are worth more than any of y'all soccer teams so stop worrying bout us, y'all wish y'all were american, clowns"
u/BlackSchwarz4 / Via

30.This person blamed tomato concentrate and corn syrup for the American Revolution.

Image of two Heinz Tomato Ketchup bottles, one from the US and one from the UK, showing different ingredients, with someone replying "what?!? no tomato concentrate or corn syrup? it's no wonder you folks lost your empire"
u/fkredditAPIchanges / Via

31.This person said every economy in the world is essentially decided by Biden/the US government.

person says the cost of living crisis is caused by the biden presidency and another replying they're in the UK. Third person says "every economy in the world is downstream for the united states federal resevre"
u/CuteWafer / Via

32.This person tried to make a point and failed completely.

"celsius is used by communists. fahrenheit is used for freedom" reply: "dumbest comment of the week, congratulations"
u/Shelal5555 / Via

33.This person got annoyed someone on the BBC had a British accent.

BBC video with comment "can you do this report with someone who doesn't have a british accent" and reply "BBC...BRITISH broadcasting company"
u/actually-bulletproof / Via

34.This person claimed Americans could each beat five people from China or India in combat.

person asking what would happen if wars were just melee combat and another claiming China or India might come out on top due to large populations, though the US might beat them because Americans are "naturally bigger"
u/centzon400 / Via

35.This person said the US "invented all modern conveniences."

person says they've traveled to 20 countries and never found someone who doesn't like an american, then says america invented other countries' modern conveniences
u/are_beans / Via

36.This person claimed that only US architecture has been adopted worldwide, and European architecture is "nowhere."

post claims european cities are stuck in the past in terms of architecture and that us architecture has been adopted worldwide
u/samuel_al_hyadya / Via

37.This person forgot about South America, and the fact that Mexico is also a part of North America.

"pretty sure this only happens in the americas" reply: "lol did you not read OP's post? He mentioned Cancun and Jamaica...which are not in America. Know geography much? Also, you can drop the 'the.' It's just 'America'"
u/willalwaysbenumber1 / Via

38.This person claimed the US has done more than any other country.

"400 years and we've done more than most of the world has done in thousands. so yeah, focusing on our own 50 mini countries instead of europe is more important"
u/SpleensMcSometin / Via

39.This person said all of Europe could fit in a single US state.

"the entirety of europe can fit into one of our states, yet europeans can't even point out states/countries in the western hemisphere. so yes, you exaggerate the importance of your tiny region"
u/Sniper_96_ / Via

40.This person made some stupid comments about food, especially that "most of the world" considers Chinese food to be the kind of stuff you get at Panda Express.

person credits many foods worldwide to americans
u/SkollKill / Via

41.This person thought American cities were "the envy of the world."

person says american cities would be the envy of the world if car culture and racism didn't mess them up, and another person says american cities are the envy of the world, with third and fourth people disagreeing
u/timeout320 / Via

42.This person referred to European countries as "third world."

person making fun of american chik-fil-a concoction of cheese, sauce, chicken, and fries and american replying "enjoy your bean sandwiches in your third world european country"
u/Forsaken-Slide1942 / Via

43.This person was VERY wrong about conversion rates.

Swiss Franc banknotes captioned "swiss francs<<<euros" with person commenting "that's like 2 cents in the US"
u/pocak888888 / Via

44.And finally, this person claimed American culture has developed the world and created global hegemony.

"this is the internet, not america. americans with their main character syndrome" reply: "it's not a syndrome. when your culture develops the world, creates the global hegemony, and is responsible for 90% of are the main character"
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