Raptors GM Masai Ujiri just wants to win

At his end-of-season media availability, Masai Ujiri referenced winning 46 times. As shown in the video, a culture centered around pursuing championships is what the Toronto Raptors are all about.

Video Transcript

MASAI UJIRI: Think I'll start with a winning. To win the championship. To win. Nothing in the NBA will be successful until you win. Winning. Kept on talking about winning. Didn't win. Win. That's what this game and this sports is about. It's winning. When they did it, they won. It's win now, but win, win, win.

He mentioned winning 100. Win. The players you get like that are the players that are going to win. Or winning. Winning. To win. We're trying to win. Formula for us to win is. Winning. They won. We want to win in Toronto. [LAUGHS] We want to win a championship. Big time winner. We talk to all the players win, win. Winning. Sports is about, it's about winning and those results.

We won. OK. Winning. Winning. I dream about winning. [LAUGHTER] Win, win, big. Win a championship. It's not playoffs, yeah playoffs is good, but to win. Correct. Pretty good, huh? Crazy the eye, like for winning. That's it. [LAUGHS] You know, he's a winner. But win, win, win. And I know sometimes when you win. There's nothing else, it's only winning. To win. You know why we won? Winning. You have to win. We won. Thank you guys.

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