47 Americans Who Decided To Post Really, Really, Really Stupid Stuff Online And Make Us All Look Bad

1.This person forgot everyone on the internet isn't American.

person 1: go to panama if you want this is america, person 2: i am in panama this is facebook
u/intheflowergarden / Via

2.This person accused Italians of "jumping the border" into America.

someone praising Italy and another responds: why are thousands of people from your country hopping the border to come into the US?
u/3ish / Via

3.This person refused to believe that Georgia is the name of a country as well as a US state.

georgia is a state not a country, united states is a country
u/lazarushelsinki / Via

4.This person thought the US was "the only capitalist nation on Earth."

  u/shocking-science / Via
u/shocking-science / Via

5.This person's first thought at the words "Notre Dame" was the US college football team.

someone responds with football emojis
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6.This was posted on r/NoStupidQuestions, but I gotta be honest...this may be a stupid question.

what are florida ounces when they were asking about fluid ounces
u/Maseca2319 / Via

7.This question actually made me lose IQ points.

why do brits speak english, an american language, rather than speaking some european language
u/uranonfraand / Via

8.I, too, hope this person is kidding.

canadians think the titanic was a real event and not just a movie, how dumb can you be
u/MagicCards_youtube / Via

9.This person realllyyyyy didn't understand Celsius.

anything from 0–32 is just zero celsius, seems stupid
u/Plastic-Thanks7293 / Via

10.And this person complained that someone on TikTok was using Celsius, even though people worldwide use TikTok and it's not even an American company.

this is tiktok and you can use whatever you want
u/stupidlyboredtho / Via

11.This person forgot there were other languages than English.

someone telling another to change their twitter name because it's written in another language and therefore offensive
u/Practical_Shock6362 / Via

12.Kevin McCarthy posted one of the stupidest things I've ever read about American history.

think for a moment, in every single war that america has fought, we have never asked for land afterward, except for land to bury americans who gave their ultimate sacrifice
u/Visqo / Via

13.Seriously — American education has failed us all.

native americans aren't native to the americas
u/rSLASHwooosh / Via

14.And this person specifically forgot about Spanish, one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world.

the word negro appears along with the words black and noir because it is the literal spanish translation of the word black
u/TastyTwix / Via

15.This person forgot about the country of Spain.

i hate when people say i'm spanish, like no that's a language not a nationality
u/camp-cope / Via

16.This person argued that a Black man from the UK was "African American."

african american is an ethnicity not a nationality search it up yourself
[deleted] / Via

17.As did this person.

it's weird hearing an african american with a british accent
u/TheTopSnek / Via

18.And this dum-dum suggested that only Americans can be white.

white is only used toward americans who have a very mixed european background you could never to someone in ireland and say they are white
[deleted] / Via

19.This idiot claimed that "most history is US history." The US is under 300 years old.

this is obviously an american page so i'm talking to americans not whatever irrelevant country you're talking about. i hate socialism and i'm a pround ethnocentrist
u/Redditvagabond0127 / Via

20.There's no proof this person is American, but based on the fact that the train guy mentions the US (and also because of the stupidity of the question), I'm willing to bet they are.

person asks why another can't do their hobby of taking pictures of trains from their home and the person responds, because trains don't run through my home
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21.This person assumed the other person was American just because they spoke English and had an online name spelled in English.

person 1: i'm american now? person 2: you are. your name is english and you comment in english. you're acting like a typical american andd you know damn well that you're american
u/SomeJokeTeeth / Via

22.This American refused to believe they had an accent.

i don't have an accent i'm from the midwest we don't speak with accents here
u/YellowParenti72 / Via

23.This American decided Reddit was only for Americans, and that even subreddits about different countries, for people in those countries, should be in English.

why is everything on here in french, this sub is about the place, not the language, reddit is american and we speak english
u/Daaaaaaaavidmit8a / Via

24.This American had some trouble with military time.

people who leave their phones set to military time are fucking war criminals
u/absentlyBlow / Via

25.This American thought we were the only country to use the dollar sign.

someone fact checks and says that the dollar sign is used by more than 20 countries
u/KittyboiYT2 / Via

26.This person thought Americans wrote the dictionary.

bruh we (americans) wrote the dictionary be quiet
u/Non-Binary-Boomer / Via

27.This idiot called American English "the original."

  u/mjonesky / Via
u/mjonesky / Via

28.And this person suggested Americans invented the English language.

american asks a british person who invented english in a sarcastic way because they think america invented it
u/Alessio3002 / Via

29.This person forgot that other countries list the day before the month, as it should be.

hey doofus, they put the day before the month here, this event was yesterday, october 2022 has not happened it
u/themaninthesea / Via

30.This person called a Mexican person a "troll" for disagreeing on what Mexican food should be.

false, you can put whatever you want on a taco, ever been to mexico, and a person replies that they're mexican
u/gothlaw / Via

31.This person took issue with the spelling and pronunciation of aluminum, based entirely on the false claim that it was invented by an American.

  u/Jareththegoblinking0 / Via
u/Jareththegoblinking0 / Via

32.This person suggested Europeans don't text, and provided a totally logical and 100% true reason why not.

europeans are poor and don't have unlimited texting like most US plans, they use whatsupapp instead of sms
u/MORaHo04 / Via

33.This person decided that any US law applied worldwide.

i'd like you to show me the exact line in the 13th amendment that says this only applies to the U.S
u/samusongoyy / Via

34.This may be one of the stupidest things I've seen posted on the internet.

the bible was written entirely by the greatest american who ever lived: jesus
u/Layla_CC / Via

35.This person suggested the US is the oldest country on Earth, then thought Iran and Japan were continents.

person provides list of oldest countries and another says, those are all continents bud, not countries, congrats on looking like a dumbass on twitter
u/lol62056 / Via

36.This person posted a comment on a video of a British person asking them to sound less British.

american here, i have difficulty understanding you can you please speak slower, and finally it would help if you dropped the british habit of stressing the first syllable with all forgein words
u/RedDirtNurse / Via

37.This person vastly unrepresented Europe's size.

europe is one third the size of the us and mush more densly populated
u/someonecool_official / Via

38.And this person also falsely claimed the US is larger than Europe.

europeans can't imagine that the U.S is literally larger than europe
u/Cheeseburjer / Via

39.This American took issue with Bonfire Night because it reminded them of the KKK, despite the fact that it was established long before the KKK...then also claimed most people on TikTok were American. Again, TikTok isn't even an American company.

burning crosses are associated with the klan and the majority of tiktok is american
u/Swim_Spadey / Via

40.This person forgot that the drinking age isn't 21 everywhere.

i thought in all U.S states you must be at least 21 years old in order to purchase alcohol, and a person replies, i'm one of the dozens of people worldwide that live in a country that's not america
u/WanderingDoe62 / Via

41.This person really tried — and really, really failed — to make a point.

person 1: fact. white people abolished slavery, how come we never hear about this? person 2: who else was going to do it? the slaves?
u/sotcik / Via

42.This person accused someone else of being "exactly the problem," forgetting that Amber alerts are only called that in the US.

believe it or not i'm from germany and we dont have amber alerts here so excuse me if i wanted to learn about something i haven't heard of yet because english isn't even my first language
u/Impressive-Fun-364 / Via

43.This person clearly didn't realize that 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. are Arabic numerals.

poll asking if american schools should teach arabic numerals as part of their curriculum
u/serac145 / Via

44.This person complained about visiting Niagara Falls on the Canadian side, accusing Canadian businesses of trying to "rip [them] off" by charging them in Canadian dollars. In Canada.

  u/jtgibggdt / Via
u/jtgibggdt / Via

45.This person got angry an Armenian band was raising money for (checks notes) Armenia.

why don't they help with the problems in their own country first before they worry about another
u/WarPigs1970 / Via

46.This person claimed pizza was invented in the US.

  u/DumbFish94 / Via
u/DumbFish94 / Via

47.And finally, this person complained about there not being an American flag emoji, despite the fact that A) there is one, and B) it's not on the first screen because they're done by alphabetical order.

  u/Guarantee-Popular / Via
u/Guarantee-Popular / Via