After 47 Years, Star Wars Blue Milk Is Finally Coming to Stores

And, yes, it will be available for Star Wars Day.

<p>Getty Images/TruMoo</p>

Getty Images/TruMoo

TruMoo makes chocolate milk and pink strawberry milk. It also makes two specialty milks: orange “scream” in the fall and green mint vanilla in the winter. It’s about to release a third specialty milk that has die-hard Star Wars fans psyched. At the recent Imperial March event in New York City, Disney, now the owner of the Star Wars franchise, revealed it will release Blue Milk in conjunction with TruMoo.

Why Blue Milk? As a Star Wars fan who has seen "A New Hope" many times, I don’t recall blue milk in the movie. But it’s there, subtly, near the beginning of that first theatrical release. Luke Skywalker drinks blue-tinged milk at the table with his aunt and uncle. For super Star Wars fans, that’s enough to make milk with a blue hue “canon” to the Star Wars universe. Somewhere in a galaxy far, far away, blue milk exists.

And now, it’s coming to Earth.

When Will Star Wars Blue Milk Be Available?

Whether you're a die-hard Star Wars fan or just a casual pop culture observer, you've seen social media memes saying "May the 4th Be With You," a play on the Jedi saying "May the Force Be With You." May 4 is now internationally known as Star Wars Day.

Those who celebrate Star Wars Day can rest assured the blue milk will be on store shelves several weeks before the big day, on April 17. Unless fans buy it all up before May 4, the "blue-colored vanilla low-fat milk with other natural flavors" in a half-gallon container will be around for their holiday.

<p>TruMoo/Star Wars/Allrecipes</p>

TruMoo/Star Wars/Allrecipes

Of course, this isn’t the first Star Wars collaboration with a food company. For years, there have been themed snacks (there are currently Star Wars Mandalorian Goldfish crackers). In 2020, General Mills released a cereal inspired by The Mandalorian, announcing the cereal launch on May 4. Unfortunately, that cereal has been discontinued. Otherwise, social media would probably be full of many joyous, loyal Star Wars lovers pouring blue milk into their Star Wars cereal this year’s Star Wars Day.

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