5 Easter DIYs to make this weekend

Easter is just around the corner — get the jump on decorating for the occasion this weekend with some of these ideas.

Think pastel colours plus everything natural — eggs, branches, flowers, bunnies and birds.

1. Easy Peeps centrepiece

Nothing says Easter like Peeps. Those marshmallow treats come in a rainbow of colours and a variety of shapes including of course, chicks (thus the name Peeps) and Easter bunnies.

You can use them on the top and sides of a plain cake and voila! Instant Easter dessert.

Or tuck some in a glass vase like this for the cutest centrepiece — find directions at Bellalimento. 

2. Framed nest

Carrie at the blog Making Lemonade came up with this cute, inexpensive Easter craft idea that's a little more on the subtle side. So subtle, it could really work in your home year-round. 

She bought a small shadow frame on sale, made a nest by twirling up some dollar-store raffia, and nestled in some turquoise beads from the craft store as eggs. Just don't wait for them to hatch! 

Complete directions here

3. Washi tape wreath

And, for a less subtle craft that only works at Easter, try this washi tape wreath from Jen Hadfield at the blog Tater Tots and Jello. 

She took plastic dollar-store eggs, embellishing them with washi tape (that cute patterned tape that's become popular the last few years) from the dollar store or craft store in Easter colours of blue, pink yellow and green. 

"The trick to smooth tape on the eggs is to start at the base of the egg, then pull the tape taut as you wrap it around the egg," writes Hadfield.

"Once it is wrapped, smooth the tape with your fingers. If there are still wrinkles,  use your nails to smooth out the wrinkles.

Wrap a foam wreath form in some coordinating plain ribbon — Jen used pink — then hot-glued the eggs to the form.

She finished the wreath with some ribbon and a few purchased pinwheels. Complete directions here.

4.  Gilded and speckled eggs

OK, back to subtle! Kim Wilson at the blog Sand & Sisal purchased paper maché eggs, painting them in shades of silver, gold and aqua — you can get bottles at the dollar store or go for Martha Stewart like Wilson.

She then "speckled" the eggs with a toothbrush and some brown paint.

Finally she nestled the eggs in some Spanish moss, again from a craft store, and perched them atop pillars and other mercury-glass holders. They'd also look pretty with vintage milk-glass accessories. Find directions here. 

5. Button craft

Here's a button craft you can do with your kids, as long we they are old enough not to eat the buttons/stick the buttons up their noses and they can safely use a hot glue gun. 

You'll need an eight-by-10 inch picture frame, a piece of card stock to go in it, various shades of buttons, an old toothbrush, hot glue and a printable egg template from A Cultivated Nest.

Print the template onto the paper and hot glue the buttons on to it. "Start with the outline of the color block and then fill in the center," suggests blogger Manuela Williams. Add layers of buttons for interest.

Frame your masterpiece without the glass. 

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