5 More ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spinoff Ideas

Kelly Woo
Writer, Yahoo Entertainment
Chandra Wilson and Jason George in the May 18 Season 13 finale of ABC’s ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ (Photo: Richard Cartwright/ABC)

Grey’s Anatomy is still going strong in its 13th (going on 14th) season. Shonda Rhimes’ medical drama has already yielded one spinoff — Private Practice, which ran from 2007 to 2013 — and now, the show is spinning off again.

ABC has ordered a series revolving around firefighters in Seattle. They’ll be introduced in a backdoor pilot episode at some point (many suspect it might be tonight’s Grey’s finale, “Ring of Fire,” since last week’s hour featured an explosion at the hospital).

With the original show still so popular, the possibilities for spinoffs are endless. In fact, ABC could go the route of NBC’s “One Chicago” universe and create Grey’s Anatomy-related series for multiple nights of the week.

Here are a few of our spinoff ideas:

Our suggested poster art (Photos: Getty, AP; Illustration: Paul Rosales)

Seattle: FAA
After a number of plane disasters, a new team of hot aviation officials takes charge to turn Seattle’s airport around. Buckle in as they navigate chronic delays, unruly passengers, and steamy affairs with pilots and flight attendants!

Seattle Vets
Dr. Finn Dandridge (who once romanced Meredith Grey) can’t keep up with all of the vet work he has, so he hires a team of hot vet interns. They expected to treat beloved pets and ailing zoo animals — what they didn’t expect was how wild their love lives would become.

Emerald Law
The Emerald City sees its fair share of intriguing court cases, and the hot first-year associates at Seattle’s top law firm are more than ready to argue them. But things get messy when one of them sleeps with a judge, another accidentally destroys evidence, and a third discovers his long-lost sibling at Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Seattle CPS
So many troubled and mistreated children come into Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital that the Child Protective Services department hires three hot new case workers. They soon discover their love lives become just as complicated as their cases.

Seattle PD
The class of hot rookie cops aren’t just putting their lives on the line — but their hearts, too. One goes undercover with a charismatic gangster, another falls for her married partner, while two investigate the assault of a victim in a coma at Grey-Sloan Memorial

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The Grey’s Anatomy season finale airs May 18 at 8 p.m. on ABC. Watch recent episodes of Grey’s Anatomy for free on Yahoo View.