5 guns seized in 14 days at Ambassador Bridge

The Canada Border Services Agency announced on Monday it seized five guns in 14 days at the Ambassador Bridge in Windsor, Ont.

Weapons seized included an undeclared loaded semi-automatic pistol that had been vacuum sealed in a clothing storage bag on Jan. 20.

Border officers said the gun was found when a woman's luggage was X-rayed during secondary inspection.

The woman was charged with making false and deceptive statements and with possession of prohibited goods.

On Jan. 22, an undeclared loaded semi-automatic pistol with 15 rounds of ammunition was found under the driver's seat of a Michigan man's car. The man was arrested and charged with making false and deceptive statements and smuggling.

A day later, a Michigan resident was said to have not declared a firearm. The driver was charged with not reporting a firearm and with making false statements.

Agents say that earlier in the month, on Jan. 12, two Michigan residents tried to enter Canada at the Ambassador Bridge and during a secondary inspection of the car, officers found an undeclared loaded automatic handgun in a duffle bag in the trunk.

The driver took ownership of the gun and was charged with possession of a firearm and smuggling.

And on Jan. 10, an undeclared prohibited revolver, locked in a gun case, was found in the trunk of car of Michigan resident. The person was charged with making untrue statements, possession of prohibited goods and smuggling.