5-year-old in critical condition after mauling by family dogs

A five-year-old girl is in critical condition after being mauled by as many as three Rottweilers in at her home in Pelham, Ont., near Niagara Falls.

The dogs that attacked the little girl apparently belonged to the family.

Niagara Regional Police say the attack occurred late Friday afternoon, but have provided few other details.

The child was rushed to the Welland County General Hospital with serious injuries.

Once stabilized she was then airlifted to Toronto's Sick Kids Hospital where she remains in hospital in critical condition.

According to a news release "three dogs were removed from the property by the Welland Humane Society and are being held pending the police investigation."

On Saturday, neighbours told CBC News the dogs have been a problem in the past.

One woman said she doesn't want the dogs returned — that they've attacked others. One neighbour, she said. had to hide in her garage to get away from the dogs.

Another neighbour said the dogs have been allowed to run loose, in spite of a big dog pen on the property.

The family is reported to have four children, including the five-year-old who was attacked. The youngest child is a newborn.

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