5 simple things you can eat every day for longevity

Eating well is an important way to boost your health, but it can be tough to figure out what foods, exactly, you should be fueling up with.

"Trying to get the right mix of nutrients in your daily diet can feel overwhelming, but no matter what age you are, nutrients do make a difference," integrative medicine physician and certified nutrition specialist Dr. Taz Bhatia, tells Yahoo Life. Eat the right balance of foods, Bhatia says, and you'll help yourself create a happier and healthier lifestyle.

One place to look for inspiration is the so-called Blue Zones, Bhatia says, which includes Italy, Greece and Japan. These are areas "where people can live to a hundred or above and are vital and thriving," Bhatia says. A common denominator in these areas? People focus on eating diets rich in plant-based whole foods.

Want to add some more healthy ingredients into your daily diet? Consider these proven health-boosters.