5 times TikToker Tabitha Brown inspired parents with her wisdom

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Tabitha Brown (@iamtabithabrown) is a multi-talented actress and TikToker whose popular online content combines vegan cooking with humor and inspiring messages. It’s no surprise that almost 5 million TikTok users are drawn to her infectious personality and optimism. 

While Brown doesn’t sugarcoat that life can be challenging, she has no time for cynicism. Here are 5 times Tabitha Brown inspired parents and non-parents alike with her wisdom. 

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1. “You are more than somebody’s mom.”

In this video, Brown takes to the camera to remind viewers that you are more than a title, no matter your role in your family. Brown wants people to know that your identity isn’t confined to being a parent and that it’s essential to care for yourself, too. 

2. “Everything is not going wrong, baby. You’re just having a moment.”

This video features Brown’s lesson on having a good attitude when the road gets rocky. Throughout the clip, Brown reassures her audience that just because life can be challenging, that doesn’t mean that everything is going wrong. “You’re just having a moment,” she reinstates after every sentence. A bad day does not equal a bad life. You’re just having a moment. 

3. Her Mother’s Day Message

For Mother’s Day, Brown took to TikTok to send love to those who have lost their moms. Blinking back tears, Brown confesses that she lost her mother 13 years ago, and the pain of the loss is fresh to this day. But while it’s important to grieve, the one thing Brown can promise to all those missing their moms is that “she wants you to be okay. She wants you to smile again.” 

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4. “You can’t heal in the same environment that made you sick.”

In this video, Brown coaches her viewers on self-preservation and reminds them that you can’t make progress in a toxic environment. She emphasizes the importance of breaking self-destructive habits and that ultimately “you can’t heal in the same environment that made you sick.” 

5. “Just a little reminder to water yourself and embrace all that’s good in the day!”

Plants are an excellent metaphor for growth, as Brown demonstrates in this video. “I was about to water my little plant. I had forgotten to water her for two days, and honey, she’s showing me,” Brown says, gesturing to the wilted leaves. “And then this thing came across me and said there’s a message in this. Sometimes we forget to water ourselves, and this is the result of it. We start to feel a little down.” The moral of the TikTok? We thrive and grow by caring for ourselves the same way plants do with water.

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