50 Cent walks back his Terry Crews sexual-assault criticism but still questions victim's inaction

Jon San
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

In October, action star Terry Crews tweeted that he had been groped by a man he later identified as talent agent Adam Venit.

Then, a few weeks ago, Crews spoke at a Senate hearing for the Sexual Assault Survivors Bill of Rights, recounting why he didn’t fight back at the time. He said that, in part, he has witnessed the repercussions that can occur when a black man is provoked to violence.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, 50 Cent poked fun at Crews’s trauma, writing “LOL” and “they would have had to take me to jail.”

Today on The View, he responded to that tone-deaf message, first saying, “I would never make fun of any sexual assault victim.” After that, he never apologized to Crews but instead further questioned his inaction.

He said, “If someone touched [someone] without their consent would they go, ‘what are you doing’? … In the senate when they were talking about it, [Crews] said he didn’t even respond by doing that.”

50 ended by once again joking that if someone had groped him he’d probably wind up in jail. He said, “You all would be bailing me out. I wouldn’t be prepared for it.”

Watch 50 Cent’s full interview on The View: