$50 rebate aims to make Cornwall's grass greener

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The rebate could go toward the purchase of an aerator. (allispossible.org.uk/Flickr - image credit)
The rebate could go toward the purchase of an aerator. (allispossible.org.uk/Flickr - image credit)

The Town of Cornwall, P.E.I., is offering cash back to residents for the purchase of equipment to help them care for their lawns without the use of harmful chemicals.

The $50 rebate is for the rental or purchase of machines to spread lime, dethatch or aerate. The rebate is also available for hiring someone to perform those services.

Coun. Judy Herlihy said it's an initiative that came out of the environment committee.

"It's important for residents and for the town to look at options that are maybe healthier for the environment."

Cornwall and Area Watershed Group coordinator Karalee McAskill sits on the town's environment committee. McAskill said the program is a step toward decreasing the use of biocides on Cornwall lawns.

"Biocides are a diverse group of poisonous substances including preservatives, insecticides, disinfectants and pesticides," said McAskill.

"We typically see them being used to control chinch bugs, which feed on grass, but they can be managed with long-term, holistic lawn-care practices that the Green Lawn Rebate in Cornwall promotes."

The town has set aside $5,000 for the program.

The watershed group is also partnering with the town and the P.E.I. Watershed Alliance to create pollinator beds and a rain garden behind the Cornwall post office, said McAskill.

Demonstration projects such as this are meant to promote the benefits of allowing portions of properties to becoming naturalized in a way that promotes ecosystem health and reduces the carbon footprint caused by mowing and meticulous lawn maintenance, she said.

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