City hit with 549 complaints about rough, rutted Winnipeg alleys

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City hit with 549 complaints about rough, rutted Winnipeg alleys

Some may have welcomed it at the time, but warm weather in February came with a catch for some Winnipeg drivers: deep, slippery ruts in the back lane.

Since Jan. 29, the City of Winnipeg has received 549 calls for service from people who want crews to do something about the conditions in their back lanes.

Surveying the ruts in her back lane between Home Street and Simcoe Street, Mariies Manu said she's concerned about safety.

"When we drive in the mornings, especially when it's very dark, you have to go on top, in the centre [of the ruts] and take the neighbour's yard, that way you be safe, not sliding," she said.

"Because if you go in the ruts, you've pretty much got the neighbour's car right beside you, and it becomes really dangerous."

Manu said she wants the city to plow back lanes to the pavement to prevent ruts from building up in the first place.

River Heights resident Jon Waldman said he's made complaints to the city before about his back lane, although his alley is fairly clear right now.

While he's been successful with his calls for service in the past, Waldman said he wants to see the city take a look at the overall infrastructure of roads, sidewalks and back lanes.

"When you look at how much money citizens are putting into the government by taxes, there needs to be a little bit more attention made to this improvement," he said.

If you've got concerns about your own alleyway, a spokesperson from the city said your best bet is to contact the professionals.

"If a citizen has a concern about a specific back lane, they should contact 311 and we will inspect and assess for work requirements," the spokesperson wrote in an email.