56 casual LDSB employees placed on administrative leave

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The Limestone District School Board has laid off 56 casual employees who have failed to attest vaccination status.

The information was presented at Wednesday's Education, Policy, Operations Committee board meeting by Superintendent of Human Resources Susan McWilliams.

LDSB says the layoffs have little to no impact on operations as a large majority of those have not been working at all this year or have not been available.

LDSB Communications Officer Jane Douglas says staff throughout the entire district are now 100% in compliance with the mandate.

"All full time or permanent staff have engaged in the appropriate steps in terms of either completing the attestation and being fully vaccinated or completed the attestation and/or are engaging in the rapid antigen testing three times per week," Douglas told YGK News.

"100% of staff working in schools and other board sites are in compliance, with 94.6% attesting to being fully vaccinated."

She added that these numbers don't reflect those on long term leave, who will be required to complete the attestation process upon returning.

Of the 116 Limestone employees engaging in rapid testing thrice weekly, 110 have attested to not being vaccinated, whereas the other 6 have not attested but continue to take the steps necessary.

3100 employees in total were required to attest.

The removal of employees who have not attested is considered to be on an interim basis, and they can at any time complete the attestation process or begin engaging in testing.

Any new employees of the school board are required to be fully vaccinated as part of their contract.

Owen Fullerton, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, YGK News

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