5th truck safety blitz in Lincoln sees more than 150 vehicles redirected to inspection station

The Town of Lincoln is continuing their focus on vehicle safety by completing their fifth safety blitz.

In collaboration with Niagara Regional Police, Halton Regional Police Service and the Ministry of Transportation (MTO), the project aims to target commercial vehicles that intentionally bypass the Vineland Truck Inspection Station on the QEW between Vineland and Beamsville in Lincoln.

This most recent blitz, which happened on Sept. 12, saw more than 150 passenger and commercial vehicles redirected to the Vineland inspection station.

“A vehicle is referred into the inspection station at the discretion of the MTO officer or police officer who conducts the traffic stop,” said Niagara Regional Police Const. Barry Ravenek. “Any vehicle can be referred into the inspection station if the officer determines a thorough inspection is warranted.”

Additionally, 68 vehicles were inspected, 22 vehicles were removed from the road, three sets of plates were seized and 52 tickets were issued for various offences including driving without a licence, insecure load, inaccurate inspection logs and excessive exhaust smoke.

The town said these blitzes were initiated in response to concerns from residents about an increase in volume of commercial motor vehicle traffic in core areas and residential neighbourhoods.

Tony Brunet, Ward 2 councillor and chair of the town’s community services and infrastructure committee, said they’ve been working traffic calming programs in Lincoln since about 2019.

“The combined efforts of our community agencies are essential to the success of our traffic safety program,” he said. “I am genuinely pleased to see this vital initiative continue, as it ensures the highest level of safety for all residents and visitors who rely on our roadways.”

During the last few years, Brunet said the way people drive has changed, and the town is looking to adjust.

“The patience that people have when they go behind a wheel of a vehicle has really changed,” he said. “So certainly, speed and traffic concerns, and safety have really escalated through COVID and continue to go now as we as we try to move forward after COVID.”

Abby Green, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Grimsby Lincoln News