These 6 Afro Hairstyles Will Help You Embrace Your Natural Fluff

Afros have always held a prominent place in the world of natural hairstyles. There was a time in my life when my hair grew into a majestic afro, and although I initially struggled to tame its wild beauty, I now wish I had the educational tools to embrace and rock my 'fro with confidence fully. This iconic look is not just for the textured elite; it is a symbol of empowerment and self-expression.

Within the Black community, afros have carried profound political statements and messages of self-love and empowerment. Despite facing resistance from the masses, those who fearlessly embraced their afros in all their fullness and splendor challenged the status quo in the most elegant manner imaginable. Each afro became a bold declaration of individuality and a celebration of natural beauty.

The afro is a testament to the beauty and diversity of Black hair. It is a manifestation of the rich heritage and cultural pride within the Black community. From its origins as a protective style during times of oppression to its evolution as a symbol of Black power and liberation, the afro continues to inspire and empower individuals today.

In the new age of hair and the CROWN Act, many are finally comfortable rocking their natural hair in the workplace and beyond. However, it's important to note that the afro is not a one-size-fits-all style. Each individual has unique face shapes and hair textures, which should be considered when choosing the right 'fro to suit you.

If you're unsure which afro style would suit you best, the Hypebae Beauty team has rounded up six of the best afro hairstyles for you to bookmark.

613 'Fro


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Who said blonde hair didn't look good in a natural puff? A platinum blonde 'fro is giving life everlasting and can be worn with or without makeup. When brushed out, those blonde curls will bring out your inner goddess.

The Corporate 'Fro

This look is for the collegiate, corporate baddie. She may have went to an HBCU and pledged a Divine 9 organization. Red nail polish is her choice, and she will read you your rights within the board room or the street corner.

The Boho 'Fro

This is for the free-spirit. The person that just combs out their hair and go. No gimmicks, just natural, scalp-grown hair.

Baby 'Fro

If you've just had the big chop, and your hair is in a state where you're unsure what to do with it next, the baby 'fro is for you. This look fits many shape sizes and hair textures.

Sandy Spurs


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Any hue of brown hair on a Black person is undeniably captivating, but nothing turns heads more than a sandy brown color with curious eyes.

Skunk Stripe 'Fro


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Much like the "skunk stripe" hair trend, this same theory goes for those with full, coily textures.