Russian grandmother's green screen tutorials will make you love her

Tatiana Subbotina pretending to taking a beach vacation. Video still from YouTube

There’s a 62-year-old lady in Russia that wants you to know how to edit your own videos — and she’s winning the internet with her snazzy how-to clips.

Tatiana Subbotina lives in St. Petersburg, Russia, and has been making and editing her own YouTube videos since 2013. BuzzFeed reports that she taught herself an effects method called chroma key composite — better known as green screen — using the program Premier Pro.

You can do some pretty cool stuff once you’ve got a green screen on your side. Subbotina gets up to all kinds of high jinks on her YouTube channel. Tightrope walking! Riding a magic carpet! Scuba diving without the gear!

She takes part in all of these daring activities with a matter-of-fact pragmatism befitting of a Russian grandma. Also befitting of her elderly Russian status? The fact that she sewed her own green screen suit using a T-shirt, sleeves and a pair of gloves. Adorable!

The grandmother also uses some of her videos to explain her methods to viewers who might also want to use the magic of green screen to ride a CGI horse across a field, rip around town in CGI sports car, or simply relax by a roaring CGI fire.

Subbotina does it all with a relaxed panache that has won her hundreds of thousands of views and legions of adoring fans around the world.

Are her videos a tad on the cheesy side? Yes.

Do we adore her along with the rest of the internet because of it? Absolutely.