621 miles of fortifications and three defense rings built around Kyiv - Ukrainian general

Dragon's teeth on the border
Dragon's teeth on the border

After liberation of Kyiv Oblast, about 621 miles of fortifications were built around capital and three defense rings were created, Commander of the Land Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Oleksandr Pavliuk said on the nationanal TV on March 31.

Over the year when he was in command of the Kyiv Defense Forces, Chornobyl direction was also strengthened.

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"We have done everything to ensure that there are no options for a surprise attack by the enemy," Pavliuk added.

Currently, the capital's defense is being reinforced, including the construction of long-term concrete fortifications, he said.

What is known about strengthening of fortifications on the northern border

In January, Armed Forces of Ukraine said that in recent months, border defense lanes in the northern operational zone had been equipped by 63%.

Concrete defenses, dugouts, firing positions are being set up on the border. Systems of engineering barriers, including explosive barriers, are being set up in front of the strongholds.

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In the future, military plans to heavily mine certain sections of the border.

In early 2024, The Telegraph reported that Kyiv was strengthening its positions by building new concrete trenches and underground command centers along 621 miles long front. New defenses closely resemble the so-called Surovikin Line, a three-tiered system of trenches, tank traps, and strongholds that Russia successfully used to thwart Ukraine's counteroffensive.

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