65-year-old Man Who Finished 'Red Dead Redemption 2' Game 30 Times is Internet's New Hero

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There is no age bar when it comes to gaming and a 65-year-old man has just proved that by doing something not even many young gamers can think of. The man has finished the popular video game Red Dead Redemption 2 more than 30 times.

The 2018 game which is a sequel of Red Dead Redemption is one of the bestselling games of all time and takes between roughly 50 and 80 hours to complete in the story mode.

The man loves the game so much that he can’t seem to quit it. His story was shared by his son in a Reddit post along with a picture of him slouched on a couch, holding the gaming console. He looks determined.

Check out the post:

“My 65 year old dad! He plays Red dead 2 story mode for hours every day. He finished the story 30+ times at this point,” wrote the Reddit user ApeWatcher adding that he has tried getting his father into other games but he only wants to play Red Dead 2.

The user said that he tried to get his dad to play Witcher 3 which is an action role-playing game where “it is open world and you can ride a horse” but the man was like, “Where are the cowboys?”

Many Reddit users narrated relatable stories and experiences about the game in the comments section. “Red Dead Redemption 2 is such a work of art, I wish a lot of people in my life could experience it or wanted to experience it. My late grandfather was a huge fan of westerns and had every John Wayne movie in existence. If a western was on, that's what we were watching. I wish he could have played Red Dead Redemption 2,” wrote a user who goes by the name Milkslinger.

A 58 years old woman also shared her story. “A 58 year old grandma here. I'm still playing as well! I played one when it came out but only finished the story once. It wrecked me,” she wrote.

One user was amazed by the ability of the old man to be seated in that position for such long hours. He wrote that he is 46 and already his back kills him from playing the game in that position. He went on to inquire of the Reddit user if he could ask his dad what the secret is.