7 more sexual assault charges laid against Saskatoon massage therapist

A 48-year-old massage therapist from Saskatoon is now facing nine charges of sexual assault.

On Friday morning, Mark Donlevy was charged with seven more counts of sexual assault, which allegedly took place between 2003 and 2015.

In December, Donlevy was charged with an initial two counts of sexual assault. At the same time, the two women told police that Donlevy had touched them inappropriately while massaging them in his home-based business.

The women reported the incidents to Police in September 2016 after observing posts online from other women stating they had similar experiences.  

Donlevy will be held in custody until his bail hearing, which is scheduled for next week.

'Just take everything off'

In December, CBC spoke to one of the women who came forward to police.

The woman said she had gone to Donlevy's home at 1205 Main Street for a general massage in the summer of 2013.

She said that he had a basement office with a massage table, television and couches. She said that the experience didn't feel right from the beginning.

"He told me not to wear anything … just take everything off and go on the table," she said.

Typically, therapists will give patients the option of wearing undergarments, a towel wrap or going nude.

She says that Donlevy began by massaging her back and then slowly moving down between her legs. He spoke about how internal muscles could be affecting her tailbone, "and then he started talking dirty, about how this was turning him on."

The woman said that Donlevy then undressed and had intercourse with her.

"I told him continuously to stop but I'm not very forceful," she said.

"Do I wish I'd found some way to make him stop? Yes. But I'm not going to go through all the victim blaming. I froze."

The woman said she decided to speak out now because the other two victims came forward.

"When I heard those stories, I decided to come out," she said.

"There's relief that I'm not the only one. Relief that he will be stopped."