7 Organizing Products That Are Actually Worth It, According to the Pros

These items will you get you on your way to a more organized home.

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Whether you’re planning on doing a major organization project or simply trying to keep things neat and clutter-free, you’ve probably been shopping for the best organizing products. But with so many different types out there, it can be tricky to decipher what’s good quality, what you’ll use, and what’s a waste of money. So, we spoke with two pro organizers to learn which products are their favorites and must-haves—plus how to use them, and where to buy them. Here are seven organizing products that the pros always have on hand.

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Acrylic Shelf Dividers

Lindsey Mahanna, professional organizer and founder of Clutter to Clarity Home Organizing LLC, is a big fan of using acrylic shelf dividers. “These are great for separating stacks of clothes on a shelf and also for linens in a linen closet," she says. "These help keep stacks neat and keep stacks from toppling over.”

Whether you need to stack linen napkins or fitted sheets, it’s almost impossible to have too many of these in your home. Mahanna buys hers from Amazon.

Velvet Hangers

There’s nothing that quite enhances and organizes your closet quite like having every item on a uniform velvet hanger. “Not only do these elevate the look of a closet, but they also create more space for clothes because they are so thin,” says Mahanna.

While most organizers recommend using black velvet hangers, Mahanna suggests going with white for a fresher look. “These are sold everywhere—even Costco,” she says. So, if you see a deal, pick up a pack or two—your clothes and your closet will thank you.

Clear Bins

There isn’t one professional organizer out there who won’t tout the benefits of clear bins. Mahanna says these can useful for a number of reasons. “I work with a lot of clients with ADHD and recommend clear bins for them and also for children," she says. "It's easier to put something away when you can easily see where it belongs." She adds: “I still use labels too, but I love starting with clear bins. These can be used for toys, clothes, pantry items, anywhere.”

Clear bins are also great in bathrooms, according to Rose Pulver, co-founder of The Thoughtful Home and professional organizer. “We often use clear bins, like this square version from The Container Store," she says. "You can use them to organize almost anything. We love them for bathroom and linen closets to store items like dental hygiene, personal care items, first aid, feminine care, and even washcloths.”

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Clear Bin Organizers

Want to take your organization to the highest level? Pulver likes putting organizers in her organizers. “Clear bin organizers, like these from The Container Store, can be used inside and outside of clear bins," she says. "They're excellent for micro-sorting smaller items within a larger category. We use them inside clear bins for storing personal care items, like razors, dental floss, q-tips, and feminine care items.” 

They can also be used in the kitchen for storing food items, such as snacks and coffee pods, as well as to organize office supplies. You really can’t have too many of these on hand.

Lazy Susans

There’s nothing lazy about lazy Susans. They’re useful for storing things on just about any cabinet or shelf. “They’re versatile and can be used in a pantry to organize condiments, spreads, seasonings, and sauces," Pulver says. "They're also great for storing vitamins and supplements in the bathroom and for optimizing any oddly shaped cabinets. There isn’t a space that couldn’t benefit from a Lazy Susan."

Hyacinth Baskets

If function and style are of the utmost priority, Hyacinth Baskets will check both boxes. Pulver loves what The Container Store has to offer in this category. “They're perfect for hiding unsightly items or adding natural style to any space," she says. "We often use them in pantry spaces, mudrooms, and closets. They also work well in home offices to add a little extra style."

Drawer Organizers

Are your drawers always a mess? One easy solution is to use drawer organizers. These versatile pieces can be used to organize kitchen items, including cooking utensils, kids' cups, plates and bowls, and kitchen linens. “In bathroom drawers, they create space for folded hand towels and washcloths," Pulver says. "In dresser drawers, they help create categories for folded clothing like t-shirts, shorts, and pajamas.”

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