7 people share the worst job interviews they've ever had

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Photo credit: Netflix/Friends
Photo credit: Netflix/Friends

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Job interviews. As stressful and anxiety inducing as they are, they're kind of important when it comes to landing your dream job - or at least one that pays the bills. Regardless of how many questions you prepare, how prepared you are or even the standard of your CV, often the face to face chat can be make or break.

If you've got an interview coming up, or have horror stories of your own, take solace in the latest trend on Twitter, which has seen people sharing the worst job interviews they've ever had.

Harriet Williamson, a writer and mental health advocate, wrote, "Twitter, what’s the worst job interview you’ve ever had?" in a tweet which has since had over 168 retweets and counting. Here are some of the most hilarious / ridiculous / cringe inducing replies.

'I walked into a storage cupboard'

"I walked up the stairs to the very top and met the woman. I thought she was gesturing to the door ahead of her so I walked over, opening it and went inside. It was a storage cupboard. She stood there and watched."


'I held the interviewer's hand by accident'

"I went to an interview really hungover, when the interviewer came to meet me and show me to the room, she held out her hand guiding the way. In my hungover state, I stood up and held her hand! Both of us were too embarrassed to let go so walked to the interview room hand in hand."


'I used the word erotic to describe myself'

"Well, not me, but a friend's teenage son. He had an interview at a burger restaurant for what would have been his first job. The interviewer asked 'what's one word that best describes you.' Extremely nervous, he chose the first word his flustered mind could come to: 'erotic'."


'Candidates were asked to find a solution to being locked in a room'

"Not me but a colleague once went to an interview across London in his lunch break. Client locked him and 2 others in a room and refused to release them until they 'found a solution to his problem'. One of them called police and the man was charged with false imprisonment. 😲"


'My cat interrupted the Skype interview'

"It was via [Skype], and I had the camera on. One of my cats jumped on me mid-interview and inadvertently scratched my face. I spent the rest of the interview with a swollen lip and spewing tiny bits of blood every time I answered a question. 😳🤦🏾♀️"


'I fell flat on my face in front of everyone'

"Had an interview a while back and as I was leaving, fell F L A T on my face in the car park (everyone saw) I cut all of my hands and knees. I then had to go back and face them because I’d left my laptop in the meeting room. I cried all the way home from embarrassment."


'I was waiting to find out for an hour'

"I was interviewed by a panel. They asked me to wait in another room. After an hour or so I went to find someone to find out what was happening. Turned out the panel had argued about me, and gone home. They forgot they'd asked me to wait in the other room & didn't tell anyone."


We're not sure if that's made us feel better or worse?

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