With 7 ships in 2 days, Charlottetown heating up as cruise destination

Ken Linton/CBC

The Port of Charlottetown set a record this week with seven cruise ships visiting in just two days.

There were three ships Wednesday and four Thursday, bringing about 14,000 passengers, which is close to the population of Summerside.

"That doesn't include the crew and we know a lot of the crew come off too. So the numbers are pretty impressive," said Corryn Clemence, cruise development manager for the Port of Charlottetown.

Clemence said the ships on Wednesday were larger, so it is about the same number of passengers both days. While there are no more four-ship days scheduled, there will be more days with three large ships.

Two of the three large ships in Charlottetown Harbour Wednesday. (Randy McAndrew/CBC)

"When we look at four ships in the harbour, obviously it's a beautiful sight to see, but our triple-ship days that we have coming up are a lot of really large vessels. So our passenger count is still incredibly high," Clemence said.

The next scheduled three-ship day in Charlottetown Harbour is Sept. 29.

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