7 strange signs you’re a really creative person, by psychologists

Picture Rex
Picture Rex

Ironically, many of the things which don’t go down too well in the average workplace could be signs of a creative mind, like missing deadlines and daydreaming.

Dr Jeremy Dean of Psyblog says that recent studies have shown that daydreaming and sarcasm both require considerable mental powers – and can be signs of creativity.

Dr Dean writes, ‘People tend to think of daydreaming and letting the mind wander as a waste of time. How wrong they are.

Other signs of creativity include sarcasm – which actually inspires creativity – talking to people one disagrees with, and missing deadlines.

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People who let their minds wander could actually be ‘digging deep’ for important inspiration, Dean writes.

Creative people also tend to be easily distracted, to make decisions unconsciously – and also tend to be neurotic.

Professor Moshe Bar says, ‘Over the last 15 or 20 years, scientists have shown that — unlike the localized neural activity associated with specific tasks — mind wandering involves the activation of a gigantic default network involving many parts of the brain.

This cross-brain involvement may be involved in behavioral outcomes such as creativity and mood, and may also contribute to the ability to stay successfully on-task while the mind goes off on its merry mental way.’

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