Seven-year-old's note from school makes questionable demands

A boy came home with a letter from school making some interesting demands

When a little boy wants something, he’ll do just about anything to get it. There will be yelling, crying, begging, and — if you’ve got a real brainiac on your hands — there’ll be a carefully forged document designed to bend you to their will.

Little seven-year-old Nathan is just such a brainiac. His mother recently received a document that Nathan apparently wanted to pass off as a teacher’s note. In a post to Reddit titled, “Totally legit note I got from my 7yo’s school today,” the tickled mom shared the letter:

The letter allegedly sent by the school to Nathan’s mother

If only that was how elementary school worked. Sadly for Nathan, his mom knew that most teachers don’t spell it “elektronick,” and quickly recognised the note as an expertly crafted fake.

But while some moms might have gotten angry at the dishonesty, this particular parent explained in a comment that instead of punishing Nathan for lying. “He got to stay up half an hour late to study for Video Game Class,” she said.

Fair enough. After all, the kid showed real initiative, and — according to his mom — a pretty decent sense of humour:

“He left it laying around for us to find, then when I asked him about it, he couldn’t hold back a cheeky smirk ???? It’s definitely going in his Permanent Record (file of papers and pictures I’m keeping for each kid).”