70% of N.W.T. population 18 years old and over now fully vaccinated

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N.W.T. resident Kristy Hawes gets vaccinated at a pop-up vaccine clinic in June. (Liny Lamberink/CBC - image credit)
N.W.T. resident Kristy Hawes gets vaccinated at a pop-up vaccine clinic in June. (Liny Lamberink/CBC - image credit)

Of the Northwest Territories population 18 years old and over, 70 per cent are now vaccinated and 75 per cent are partially vaccinated. Both groups are up from 69 per cent a week earlier.

So far, 55,532 doses have been administered in total to N.W.T. residents, while another 8,032 have been administered to out-of-territory residents.

However, the number of doses going into arms seems to be plateauing in the N.W.T.

In the winter and early spring, there seemed to be a surge of doses being administered. On Jan. 21, 1,826 first doses went into arms. Then by March 2, the territory saw a record day, with 1,898 vaccines administered, most of which were second doses.

But since mid-April, the highest number of jabs per day has not exceeded 600 and in July, the highest number of doses administered on a single day has been 288. On Saturday, only 27 doses went into arms.

Elderly population fully vaccinated

The total number of people fully vaccinated is 58 per cent with 63 per cent partially vaccinated, according to the territory's COVID-19 dashboard. That includes those too young to receive the vaccine.

According to the government's statistics, 100 per cent of the territory's population 80 years and older have been fully vaccinated. The same goes for those aged 70 to 74, meanwhile those aged 75 to 79 are 98 per cent fully vaccinated.

In the younger age categories, 12 to 17 year olds are 55 per cent fully vaccinated, while 18 to 19 year olds are 52 per fully cent vaccinated and 20 to 25 year olds are 53 per cent fully vaccinated. Those from 25 years to 29 are just slightly higher at 55 per cent fully vaccinated.

Those between age 30 and 69 are between 65 to 83 per cent fully vaccinated.

Government of the Northwest Territories
Government of the Northwest Territories

Overall, there appears to be slightly more women than men who have received first and second doses.

The highest percentage of people vaccinated are in the Yellowknife region, while the lowest percentage of the population to be fully vaccinated are in the northernmost parts of the territory, and in the west and south of N.W.T.

The government's statistics are based only on those people who hold valid N.W.T. health cards, or one that has expired in the last two years. A person is considered fully vaccinated 14 days post their final jab.

As of Monday, there was one active COVID-19 case in the territory involving a non-resident.

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