$700K loss as fire destroys equipment at Labrador City golf club

$700K loss as fire destroys equipment at Labrador City golf club

The Tamarack golf club in Labrador City is scrambling to get ready for summer after a fire that destroyed hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment in its maintenance shop.

"It's a lot of disbelief," club treasurer and business manager Dennis Langdon said Monday.

"We have to rebuild, we have to get ready for the summer, we have a certain obligation to the members to do our best to get [it] open."

Langdon said the fire was significant and the building is a complete write-off.

The maintenance shop acts as storage through the winter months. The fire destroyed everything from tools to mowers to a utility truck. It even destroyed flags and cups used on the holes.

"We're still putting the numbers together but the preliminary estimates are around $600,000 and that's a replacement on today's dollars," Landon said.

"Once we get into replacing the building and some construction costs, we'll probably see some incidentals that will bring us up closer to the $700,000 mark."

No accurate timeline  

Langdon said the fire likely happened sometime between the beginning of November and mid-December. Typically the golf course does get checked on, but fall weather wasn't the best for snowmobiling and nobody noticed the damage until recently.

"It was a passer-by who happened to be an employee of the club who happened to be around that noticed it around the second week of January," Langdon said.

The fire is under investigation by the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary, which told the CBC the amount of snow has made it difficult to get in for a good look at what happened.

"It was a fairly remote location, it just opens itself up for many possibilities," Langdon said, not wanting to speculate on the cause of the fire.

Langdon said an insurance adjustor has done a preliminary investigation and will be providing a report to the insurance company within the week.

"From that point we'll see where we're headed and what kind of a budget we have to work with."

He said the club will do its best to open as close to June 1 as it can and it is getting support from both Labrador City and Wabush.

"To make it happen, we'll certainly need the support from our membership, corporate sponsors, community at large," Langdon said, "I think the community will come together for golf in the summer."