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There are different types of essay writing services, and choosing the best one can be a little tricky. You should consider making your choice of the best paper writing service based on reliability, high-quality reports, and also positive client feedback.

While searching for the best essay writing services in 2022, we relied on several factors before selecting the best for you.

These are the most reliable and popular essay-writing sites, with lots of positive reviews that are ranked based on the quality of papers, the quality of customer service, and cost.

8 Top-Rated Essay Writing Websites:

  1. BBQPapers 🥇— Best Essay Writing Service Overall

  2. PaperHelp 🥈— Best for Research Papers & Dissertations

  3. SpeedyPaper 🥉— Best Reputation in the U.S.

  4. EssayPro — 100% Anonymous Service

  5. ExpertWriting — Quick Turnaround

  6. ExtraEssay — Bes Customer Service

  7. GradeMiners — The Fastest Service (1-Hour Turnaround Available)

  8. EssayTerritory — Best New, Promising Site

Now, let’s jump straight to best essay writing service reviews. This guide gives you the necessary details of each of the essay services listed with their pros and cons.

#1. BBQPapers

BBQPapers is rated as the top choice for many American students as it helps to solve complex assignments in any field of study. This company charges up to $17.55 per page for its essays and college research papers and this may increase depending on the level of academic papers and the duration.

Although the price of this company may seem rather expensive, it is definitely worth the price considering the excellent service the company offers.

With this essay service provider, you get to save up points gotten from previous orders, and you can in turn make use of the saved up points for your next order for free. BBQPapers also offers different juicy perks such as free consultation from experts either through the phone, chat, or email and other discounts.

All writers on this platform are well trained as they are made to complete a language proficiency test and interviewed by editors on BBQPapers.


  • Professional essay writers suitable for complex assignments

  • Authentic research paper writing service

  • Discounts are calculated by the more you spend, the higher the future discount will be

  • Money back guarantee for 60 days

  • Good customer service.

  • Report on plagiarism for free


  • It's a bit pricey

  • It may take longer to navigate the website

#2. PaperHelp

PaperHelp is recommended as the best overall essay writing service among the others mentioned here. This essay service works pretty well for writing academic papers for universities or colleges at very affordable prices. PaperHelp has various samples of high-quality paper reviews, essays, lab reports, case studies, and so on that you can make use of in getting the best writing material.

This is one of the top rated essay writing services that has the vast majority of professional writers that are ranked based on their level of proficiency. It is then no wonder why many students of all academic levels seek out this essay writing service for their writing needs.

This essay writing service costs as little as $10, and you can get the professional writing service you need in just a click. Clients get to enjoy discounts and a loyalty program that allows them to save up points that can be used in the future for orders.

Anti-plagiarism software is used to scan and edit all papers written with this service to ensure that original and unique content is provided.


  • An affordable essay writing service

  • Professional college essay writers

  • Excellent customer service

  • Loyalty and discount programs


  • A plagiarism report requires an additional payment

  • Other writing inclusions, like the abstract page, may increase the price

#3. SpeedyPaper

SpeedyPaper's trusted essay writing service provides timely delivery of essays and academic papers. The company has a lot of positive customer reviews online (especially on Reddit) due to its high-quality job delivery.

With its professional paper and essay writing services, this company has gained a very high reputation among students around the world. SpeedyPaper charges up to $13 per page.

Also, first-time users are offered 11% discounts on their orders, among other amazing promos offered by the company. SpeedyPaper hires the writing services of both ENL and ESL writers. This is made to cover the numerous needs of students and also to offer timely delivery.

SpeedyPaper accepts different types of papers, including research papers, term papers, dissertations, projects, and so on. All accepted writers are made to write a compulsory English test and also demonstrate their writing proficiency before being accepted as an expert writer.


  • Qualified and experienced writers

  • Great referral program

  • Discounts and other promotions for future orders are available

  • Responsive customer service


  • The shortest deadline is 6 hours

  • Writers’ profiles are not easily accessible on the website

#4. EssayPro

EssayPro is considered the best writing service for college papers. The company offers high-quality essays that can be written and delivered even if there is an emergency or a tight deadline. The company charges as low as $10 for a page and you can pay once your content is delivered.

You don't have to complete your payment in advance. However, a deposit will be required to get your work done. EssayPro has a team of highly qualified writers who are trained in several subjects, and you can select anyone that matches your requirements and subject needs once your order has been placed.

There is a range of services which can be handled by writers in this company, such as essay writing, presentations, research papers, term papers, and so on.


  • Affordable essay writing prices

  • For up to 30 days, you have unlimited revisions on your essay.

  • Excellent customer service

  • Report on plagiarism for free

  • Discounts on large orders


  • Editing may be required for final work drafts

  • It can take a longer time to select the best essay writer due to too many people bidding for the job

  • The work deadline may be extended by the writer

#5. ExpertWriting

ExpertWriting is one of such essay writing companies that offer a very fast turnaround time for its clients. With this company, you can get charged as low as $10 per page or higher for projects with a deadline of less than 14 days.

The rate of urgency would determine the average cost you will be charged when you decide to hire writers on this website.

ExpertWriting boasts of great customer service and also works efficiently with its team of over 500 professional writers who all have excellent academic backgrounds. All writers at ExpertWriting college essay writing service are made to pass through a series of rigorous screening and also to write proficiency tests before being acknowledged as a professional in their chosen field.

The essay writing company provides decent college essay help, great customer satisfaction, and also makes available unique and plagiarism-free content.


  • Professional essay writing services

  • Timely delivery of high-quality content

  • Plagiarism report

  • Excellent referral program

  • 10 days of unlimited paper revisions


  • A plagiarism report is not free

  • ESL writers are more available

#6. ExtraEssay

ExtraEssay is one of the best essay writing companies you can find online, and it also offers a very fast customer response and support for its clients. It is no wonder why it takes a spot on our list of the best writing services for 2022.

The essay writing company offers quality written projects for as little as $11 for up to a 14-day essay writing deadline, and this can even decrease depending on the number of days and pages of work to be written.

On this website, clients can choose between the different levels of expert writers for their work. The writers are categorized into premium or top experts and intermediary writers.

However, making use of the college essay services of a top expert would require an extra cost to be paid. Writers at ExtraEssay are mostly native English speakers with excellent writing skills. The writers here make use of different writing styles, including APA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard in writing and editing their work.


  • Excellent customer support service

  • Timely delivery of projects

  • Available discounts for future orders

  • The use of different styles for editing and writing


  • Extra payment may be required for the initial draft of the project

  • Additional payments for top experts or premium writers

#7. GradeMiners

GradeMiners is one of the oldest essay writing companies in the market. It provides exceptional college essay writing help and good quality content at an affordable price of about $13 per page. This company is considered by many students because of the high turnaround rate and because it offers the fastest essay writing services.

A short essay can be expected to be delivered in less than an hour. GradeMiners are known to excel in rush orders, and this does not deter their delivery rate and time. All projects are handled by professionals who have a wide range of experience in their subjects, hence offering the best for their clients.

Consider using the GradeMiners essay writing service if you require urgent delivery of your essay writing, thesis, articles or any other academic work to be written and then get it delivered in a matter of hours.


  • Fast turnaround as projects can be delivered on time

  • Both ESL and ENL writers are available

  • Easy to access and navigate the website


  • It's a bit pricey

#8. EssayTerritory

EssayTerritory is a new essay writing company, but it has succeeded in carving a niche for itself due to its high-quality essays and academic writing projects. The company offers quality and unique content through its team of writers.

EssayTerritory can work on a wide variety of subjects and academic papers while making sure to offer only the best services.

What many students often see as a drawback to the services of this company is that the STEM subjects are usually more pricey than other subjects. You may have to discuss it with your writer to note the price difference because it is not stated on any part of the website.


  • It's a new but very reliable essay writing service provider

  • It offers a great selection of different subject areas for its clients to choose from


  • Lack of online customer reviews

  • STEM subjects are usually more expensive than other types of writing projects

Best Essay Writing Service FAQs

Do best essay writing sites use pre-written content in the papers they write?

Yes, some companies that write essays for you may make use of pre-written content in the writing of their papers. However, there are still the best college paper writing services that offer 100% unique content that has never been written before. This is achievable depending on what you sign up for and your current writing needs.

The use of pre-written content has its advantages and disadvantages and can be selected as your preferred choice of writing due to cost. Pre-written content is a fast means of getting your work done and is not considered illegal. However, the drawbacks can sometimes outweigh the benefits.

One disadvantage is that you may not get unique and plagiarism-free content, and they are also very expensive. The use of pre-written content in writing your paper does not come cheap as they can take up a lot of your money, which may not be considered cost-effective as a student.

Can I track the progress of my order?

Yes, you can track the progress of your order once it has been placed on the essay writing website. The use of legitimate essay writing services by students around the world is not new anymore, and the demand has also allowed the number of essay writing companies to increase as well.

Most of these essay writing companies allow users to place their orders on the website, select writers and also track the progress of their work. The order tracking process can be done in different ways.

You can choose to track your order via call or chat to customer service, via email or by making use of the option on your dashboard. To make use of the option on your dashboard, proceed to place your order for the essay writing service, then log in to your page and select the "Track My Order Progress'' button to be notified of how well your paper has been handled, as well as the estimated delivery time.

What are the common types of papers that academic writing companies deliver?

Academic writing companies usually offer a lot of writing services for their clients without limits. However before you make your final decision on the academic writing company to engage their services, you must cross-check certain points such as the cost, quality of work done, available writers and even the one customer review.

Below are some of the common types of papers that most academic writing companies deliver.


An essay is a short piece of writing that discusses a story as understood by the writer. An essay can either be formal or informal, depending on the view of the writer. Formal essays are used in academic writing to discuss different subjects as related to research carried out. The essay in this format usually carries a serious tone, unlike that of informal writing.

The type of essay always depends on what the writer wants his readers to understand. There are generally four major types of essays, which include: narrative, descriptive, persuasive, and expository essays. Essay writing follows a distinct pattern which includes the introduction, which is usually brief, the body of the essay, which contains all that needs to be discussed, and finally the conclusion.

Research Paper

A research paper is an academic paper that discusses the analysis and evaluation of a particular topic being researched. These research papers make use of statistical data, citations, and other research conclusions carried out in the past. Research papers are very useful in modern science, and they serve as the most effective way to share information across several channels.

For a Master's or PhD degree program, research papers are often used as a means to test the skills and understanding of the students in their chosen field. A research paper can be used to discuss a particular topic where it goes into detail on all aspects of the topic for understanding by the reader.

Research papers often carry a formal tone in their writing and they are usually not biased in their findings.


A thesis is regarded as the main idea of a topic and it is written as an abstract of the main write-up. A thesis usually consists of the topic of the essay and other important aspects to be discussed throughout the essay.

The thesis usually appears at the end of an introduction, it is mostly placed as the last sentence just before the major body of work begins. In this way, readers are prepared and able to relate and have a clear insight of what to expect in the remaining essay.

The thesis is mostly written in a formal tone and it is required as part of the academic papers for Master's degrees and other postgraduate studies in colleges and universities.


A dissertation is said to be a piece of writing that represents the original content of a research project. You would find dissertations written as part of a project written for a Master's or PhD degree program.

The dissertation makes use of research details to discuss the achievement and contribution of a specific field being studied. In the process of writing a dissertation, there is a laid-out structure which is used to achieve an excellent result. This includes;

  • The abstract

  • Introduction and the significance of the study

  • A literature review

  • Methodology

  • Results/findings

  • Discussion

  • Conclusion to the body of research

Literary Analysis

Literary analysis simply means interpreting a particular topic or text as observed. It can be referred to as an argumentative essay, where the writer tries to analyze a particular topic while pointing out the important details.

Literary analysis is usually applied to plays, short stories, novels, and other types of literary writing. In this form of writing, all aspects are considered, including the language and structure of the text to be evaluated. Just like the writing standard of an essay, the literary analysis makes use of a distinct pattern of writing, and this includes the introduction, the body of the essay, and finally the conclusion.

Case Study

In a case study, a report about specific situations is written while focusing on every detail gotten from the research.

A case study can be about different things, like an event, research or person. You will find case studies mostly in medical reports where researchers get to analyze the different factors and aspects of a project.

However, academic papers such as case studies can be highly subjective, making it difficult to generalize the results to a much bigger audience.

How much does an essay cost?

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to knowing the cost of essay writing. This is because different companies offer their services at different prices, among other factors that would affect the cost of writing.

On average, an essay would cost from $10 to $35 per page to write, depending on different factors. Some of the different factors that can influence the price of an essay include:

  • The length or pages of the essay

  • The time required to research and write your paper

  • The essay writing company used, etc.

It is important to note that before you make your choice of the type of essay writer service to make use of, you should consider comparing the quality of work delivered and not just the price between two or more essay writing companies. This will allow you to get the best service possible, even though it may be pricey.

Top Essay Writing Services: Conclusion

Essay writing and other types of academic paperwork can be quite stressful when you don't have the right tools or programs in place to assist you. In this guide, we have assisted you in selecting the best essay writing service in USA by outlining the above companies.

Our choice of selection is based on customer essay service reviews, essay quality, and cost. Take your time to read through the above and then proceed to make your choice. BBQPapers is, however, rated as the overall best writing essay service for 2022 (and will probably hold the title in 2023 as well). The company ensures that it delivers top-quality content on time and at a very affordable cost.

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