The 9 Best Costco Deals for Valentine’s Day Gifts and More Special Occasions


Love is in the air and so is mega spending. Americans are anticipated to spend $25.9 billion on Valentine’s Day gifts this year, according to the National Retail Federation. That’s up from last year’s spending of $23.9 billion.

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Candy, greeting cards, flowers and date nights will see the most consumer interest, as will jewelry. Nearly a quarter (21%) of Valentine’s Day shoppers buy jewelry to gift their special someone, with the NRF predicting that total spending on jewelry will land at $5.5 billion.

Jewelry isn’t exactly known for its rock bottom price tags, but if you head to Costco, you can find some dazzling deals on various twinkling accessories that will make any gem lover swoon. Retail experts gave GOBankingRates the lowdown on the best jewelry buys at Costco right now. They also highlighted notable savings on other Costco goods that make great gifts for Valentine’s Day.

Gold Heart Necklace

“This is a simple design which makes it perfect for a valentine who prefers understated pieces to wear on a daily basis,” said Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst with “It’s also currently on sale for just $149.99 this month, so if you’re looking for a piece of jewelry with a traditional Valentine’s Day feel, this is a good way to go without having to break the bank.”

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Gold Heart Earrings

These are the matching pieces to the above necklace, and also just $149.99 this month, so if you want to provide your valentine with an entire set, this is definitely a great option,” Ramhold said. “If your recipient rarely wears necklaces, this is also a good alternative for them that will go with most everything and can easily be worn as part of everyday outfits rather than needing to be saved for special occasions.”

White Gold Wedding Ring

“If you’re thinking of proposing this Valentine’s Day, this white gold wedding set is a gorgeous pick that includes the engagement ring and band for $1,699.99,” Ramhold said. “Obviously that’s not a cheap gift, but there’s currently a promotion for Costco jewelry through February 8 where if you spend $1,500, you’ll get $250 off during checkout. That means you’ll get some decent savings on this set, and you’ll be knocking out the engagement ring and band in one go, so you’ll be saving money down the road as well.”

Bangle Bracelet

This bracelet comes in either yellow or rose gold finishes and just has a unique look to it that’s really appealing to those with modern tastes,” Ramhold said. “It’s $329.99, so it’s not the cheapest gift you’ll find, but if you have a decent budget to work with, this is sure to be a beloved piece of jewelry your valentine will wear every day.”

Amethyst and Diamond Pendant

“This is a really lovely piece in that it has the traditional heart-shape of Valentine’s Day gifts, but it’s a vibrant amethyst and diamond mix instead of a red stone,” Ramhold said. “It’ll cost $799.99, but if your giftee was born in February or just loves the color purple, then this gift will be a real standout and win them over in more than one way.”

Gold Heart Pendant

“This is a really lovely piece for just $259.99, so it’s more budget-friendly than some other items out there and is another one that doesn’t have to be kept away for special occasions,” Ramhold said. “It’s an understated design that works for everyday wear to the office or date nights or anything in between, so it’s a pretty perfect piece of jewelry if you want your Valentine to have something they can wear regularly without worrying about overdoing it.”

Paperclip Heart Bracelet

This trendy paperclip link bracelet in 14-karat yellow gold is going for $399.99 at Costco,” said Rebecca Gramuglia, consumer expert at “With the heart charm attached and an adjustable lobster clasp, it’s a great deal for Valentine’s Day this year. A similar item from Ross-Simons is on sale for $449 (original price is $895) without an adjustable clasp, making Costco’s option more size-inclusive — and $50 cheaper.”

Gold ‘Love’ Necklace

“Costco is currently offering a 14-karat yellow gold necklace featuring the word ‘love’ for $249.99,” Gramuglia said. One word can say it all, and though the theme of the day is “love”, this gorgeous necklace is suitable for any day of the year. By gifting this to your valentine, you’re giving them something they can immediately remember you by with just a glance.

Gold Heart Bracelet

“This is another piece that’s understated enough that your giftee can wear it every day, and it comes with a more affordable price tag than some other jewelry pieces for Valentine’s Day,” said Ramhold. “It’s just $239.99 this month after a $60 discount and that deal is good through February 26. That said, because it does include a heart design, I wouldn’t risk waiting too long to grab this piece as it’s sure to be pretty popular and may sell out around the holiday.”

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