'80s sex symbol uses leeches and surgery to correct breasts on 'Botched'

Botched patient Tawny Kitaen may be best known as the model from the White Snake videos, but six boob jobs and 30 years later, she has a different outlook on life.

Kitaen said she has spent more than $200,000 on breast augmentation surgeries and now wants to “get off this boob train.”

Dr. Terry Dubrow visited with Kitaen, who said she wants to be more like her former self. He asked, “On a scale of one to 10, how much do you want the implants out and be done with implants?” She replied, “Ten. … Cleavage, I don’t want. Projection, I don’t want. The bigger message for me being here with you guys is to stop doing this ‘boob train,’ as I call it.”

Dr. Dubrow performed the surgery and removed Kitaen’s old breast implants, then re-formed them using her remaining breast tissue.

During a post-op inspection, Dr. Dubrow noticed that one of Kitaen’s nipples was not getting sufficient blood supply. The remedy for this was to attach medicinal leeches to her nipples and increase blood flow.

Leeches naturally inject an anticoagulant called hirudin when they feed. This encourages blood flow and healing.

Kitaen was extremely happy with the results. “I feel like me again,” she said. “Before my surgery, I was derailed by the boob train. I felt like I was in the wrong body, especially when you’re considered a sex symbol. But now I’m back on track and I’m implant-free, and I feel like me. I’m so elated that I could do a back handspring on a Ferrari.”

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