80th birthday for Coun. Mackinnon

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ADELAIDE-METCALFE- Council assembled Monday 19 Jul 2021 after the previously scheduled meeting for 5 July was cancelled. All but one (Coun. Brodie) of the councillors were present at the virtual meeting.

Announcements and celebrations included a happy birthday to Coun. Mackinnon’s who was on the video call for her 80 birthday. Sharing a story of her birth Mackinnon said, “My mother said I was born on 17 July and I weighed 14 pounds at birth. So, I figured that she lost two days after having a 14-pound baby.”

Mike Barnier formerly of North Middlesex Twp. staff was acknowledged for joining the A-M township team. “I think I bring a very broad municipal skill set and I have worn a lot of hats over the year. But not clerk...” Barnier is looking forward to modernizing some of the process in his new shoes as Twp. Clerk.

A single declaration of pecuniary interest from Coun. Mackinnon for Item 5(b) on the agenda for the Carruthers McFarlane Drain. Recognizing the drainage work as a conflict-of-interest allows her to participate in the meeting under the exception of being a landowner.

Council next sat as a “board of revision” to discuss drainage. The first drain on the agenda was the McKeen Drain which was followed by the Morgan Drain, then the Carruthers-McFarlane Drain, and finally the Timmermans Drain.

Items of correspondence included AMO Virtual 2021 AGM and Conference - August 15-18, 2021 Warden’s Charity Golf Tournament, 2021 Adelaide Metcalfe Council & Planning Meeting - 9 August 2021 Adelaide Metcalfe Regular Council Meeting - (Tuesday) 7 September 2021 Recommended Reading Middlesex-London Health Unit - Monthly Board of Health Update (June 2021) Town of Kingsville - Bill C-21 Firearms, Township of Wainfleet - Invasive Phragmites Town of Fort Erie - Licensing of Cannabis Operations.

Damon MacLean, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Middlesex Banner

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